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    What is the best way to cook lettuce leaves and which vegetables go best with them?

    Searching the best ways to cook lettuce leaves? Find advice from experts here.

    I have bought 2 small heads of lettuce leaves. Generally these are used in salads. However, I do not wish to eat them raw in a salad or merely use them in a soup. I would like to cook them with other vegetables, such as a carrot, a potato & white onions. I would like to know if I should first steam the lettuce leaves or can cook them straight away in a little bit of oil. What would be other good vegetables to go with them?

    Any other useful tips, garnishing suggestions & interesting recipes are also welcome.
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    Lettuce can be cooked in different ways. Eastern countries have been doing it since a long time.
    Lettuce soup can be made by boiling it with beans and lentils. You can grind the leaves and make Indian Chutney out of them too. It can be mixed with gram flour and made into fritters.
    You can wrap it around fish too. Like all green leafy vegetables it goes good with peas,tomatoes,potatoes,carrots,garlic and onion. They go good with chicken too.

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    Please give suggestions and recipes for a vegetarian only. I do not eat non-vegetarian food (forgot to mention this in my query).
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    Hello Vandana,
    Salad lettuce is best to eat with garnishing sauce. More preferred way is to make soup of it. Use recipe of making Vegetable clear soup and lettuce and other ingredients. If you want taste in salad only with lettuce then add fruits, olives. If you wanted to make vegetable then just fry lettuce in small oil along with peas , small chunks of carrot and cover it. It will lose water , keep stirring it and it will lose water. after sometime it will get cooked.

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    Lettuce is used in salad as well as vegetables. Many people may not like to eat lettuce as sometimes its taste is not very palatable.
    Incidentally It is one of my favorite as it was used in our village Bishar and nearby towns very frequently. I used to relish it specially when my Grand mother prepared it.
    Now coming to the point Lettuce leaves and lettuce heads both can be used in variety of ways.
    The simplest is- for 2-3 persons take 2 pieces of medium sized lettuce and cut lettuce leaves very finely and also cut the head in about 1/2 inch pieces. Take 4-5 garlic cloves, 1/2 inch ginger and fry it in little oil and add little cumin seed, red chili and asafoetida and after a while add lettuce leaves and pieces of head. Put some salt as per taste and cook in low heat for 15-20 minutes. Sprinkle little water in between for consistency. One can change the seasoning spices as per individual taste but asafoetida is advisable.
    There are other variations also. Some of them are available in site

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