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    Is it necessary for kids to go for tuition

    Wondering if there is a need for tuition apart from school? Find resolution to your queries on this page.

    As most of you know that nowadays education is expensive in terms of fees whether it is LKG Admission or Graduate.
    Is it necessary for parents to send kids to Tuition class by paying additional fee and time? If so, what is the use of sending them to School and paying fees? Why not parents just send kids to Tuition instead of School for for studies? How can the kids get additional knowledge of subject and talent just from tuition class?
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    Tuitions can be arranged for student to support and aid learning better those subjects in which the children are weak and need extra teaching.

    However , now a days practically I am seeing a very sad situation. Parents simply send their children for tuitions just to enable completing homework. In most cases the tuition teacher does not teach anything special or extra and just allows the student to complete the homework given by school teachers. That way students and parents are happy. Parents are freed of the responsibility of helping their children, children get time to watch TV and play games as the home work is over... This situation is not correct and not advisable also.

    Tuition teacher should be selected such that the tuition teacher makes the student understand the subject well, enables more practice sessions in the weak subject and equips the student better in that subject knowing the actual weak points and strong points of the student. In that case, tuitions are advisable.

    Tuitions should serve as additional input and making things easy for children to understand and practice, and not just a time and place for completing homework given from school.

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    Tuition class is not necessary for kids especially for primary class. Nowadays kids go to tuition for many reasons like parents don't have time neither don't wish to teach or else they don't know to communicate with the child. But my suggestion is however busy we are with our daily routine we must spend some time with the children. By doing that we teach a lot to kids practically than they are learning in books. Always there is a bonding with parents and kids we must preserve it. According to me, we put our efforts in our official work to gain success and give our children a better future, but this success will give some result only when we spend some time with our kids and teach them morals. Sending your child to school is an important part of their life where it is must and should to all kids, because in school we not only study but at times we have extracurricular activities which is not there in tuition.

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    Tution classes are not really necessary for kids. Parents send their kids to tution by reducing their burden. If parents make sure that a child completes the homework on time and studies the subject on the same day conducted in class, then absolutely tution classes are not necessary.
    May be some kids who are a little slow in studies and grasping things need a special attention and so they need tution classes. Also of both the parents are working and cannot concentrate on their children and their studies need extra classes but not everyone require them. There are many students who have excelled without any tution classes. Tutions these days have become a trend than requirement.

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    I am of firm view that attending tuition classes for students of lower classes, primary classes, etc., are not at all necessary, if they are from families of educated middle-class section of the society. The parents can easily manage studies of their chilren at least upto Class-V. However, nowadays, in many cases, both the parents are working and they retun home tired every evening. So, many of them don't have energy or wilingness to teach their children. That is the main reason why tuition classes for small children are prospering in every nook and corner of cities and towns.
    However, I would admit that tuition classes may be necessary for students whose parents are not very educated.

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    It has now become a trend in the society to get tuition for kids whether kids require it or not. In fact from kid to kid it will differ and to be decided on a case to case basis.
    Now a days parents are all qualified and if they want they can their selves coach their children but as they feel they are preoccupied and someone else should do it as they can afford it also.
    Anyway it is the choice of individuals to decide whether their children require tuition or not. One should not go for it just for the sake of it or show off in the society.

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    In our studentship time, that is before 1977, there was a strong belief that the students who opt tuition are just below average level. Now the number of students opted tuition is very less as many parents are sending their children to tuition only to skip their responsibilities over the children, they do not have time to sit with children even for fun. I am seeing in many houses the parents are sending their children to tuition to get their freedom in viewing television serials.

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    Here are the answers to all your queries:
    Is it necessary for parents to send kids to Tuition class by paying additional fee and time?
    No, absolutely not! Every child is unique and hence parents should not feel that their should stand first in the class or score above 95 %. Every child cannot! Parents and children are bogged down by peer pressure and also from that of relatives, society etc. When many parents send their child for tuition, other parents also want and this trend continues.
    To cite an example of the above: I have not sent my child for tuitions even up to tenth standard. My daughter was the only child in school, was singled out by teachers and other parents and her peer counterparts. I had to bear the brunt of comparison and stand up hard against all the pressure. She did well on her own and scored 87% which was pretty decent.

    If so, what is the use of sending them to School and paying fees?
    Agree, both school and tuition do not go hand in hand. Sometimes the topics may not be in sync, method of explanation may be different and could also be contradictory. It will lead to confusion and stress for the child to decide which method to follow. Parents have to extremely observant to understand these soft issues and decide whether it is really worth sending the child to tuition.

    Why not parents just send kids to Tuition instead of School for for studies?
    Tuitions will never lead to getting a report card for every year of schooling which is validated / vetted by any government authorities. So school is not an option.

    How can the kids get additional knowledge of subject and talent just from tuition class?
    No , they cannot. Tuitions only focus on school syllabus. It is in school that the child will learn values, all types of subjects, living with others, activities like sports, music, dramatics, singing etc. Tuitions , mostly are focused on rote learning and ensuring that the child passes school exams.

    Hope this answers all yuor queries.

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    Considering the value of education in school going down. I do think the students are in need of the tuition. And the thing is that tuition taking limited number of students makes it possible for anyone to learn concepts. In case of classroom often the learning is not easy.

    Also the concepts are likely to be missed. So one has to learn from the tuition. I believe that people who have their kids on tuition are more likely to understand concepts. As the schools are not paying attention to the teachers who wish to teach. I think this has created paradox in many places. Where they are placing their kids in expensive schools. And even after schools they are placing the kids in expensive tuition. So this is some of the issues that many parents and the kids are facing lately.

    If the school is expensive, you have right to demand the quality of education. And if the school is mediocre then you have to go for the tuition as is.

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    Students need support in their studies at homes also. The school gives home-work, that is a part of curriculum. Completion of home-work is necessary. Students need help in completion of home-work. If their mothers are working, they have no time supporting students in their home-work, they send them in tuition classes. Teachers have modern way of teaching technique, so they are able to make them to do their home-work. Sending tuition classes have many good aspects.
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