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    How names are given to people of different religion when they born?

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    We mostly identify person's religion by their name. It is not good but it is the truth. Still my question is not for that intention. Basically all Hindu names are kept based on epic poem Ramayana or epic narration of Mahabharata or Bhagavad Gita. Either name could be character name from any of these or a word which has meaning. How about other religions? Do they follow similar source in other religions too? I would expect comments from all religion people here.
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  • Names are christened to children when they born based on their stars in many places.. In olden days they christened the children with that of their ancestors to remember. Here I wish to tell that many of us do not know the grand father's or great grand father's name. Moreover the names of Gods are christened basically on the religious or spiritual belief that repeated utterance of such holy names will yield the caller to accumulate Punya. But nowadays many people christened their children with such names which are very difficulty to utter or without meaning also. I read one story here. A man christened his first son with the name of Lord vishnu as 'Narayana' as he could accumulate punya whenever he call his son and moreover at the time death bed if he calls his name as of calling him he would get moksha. He reached that situation also. He was in the death bed and his son was asked to stand by his side as he wished earlier. To attend a call over phone the son moved out but the man with hurry 'hey idiot my son, where you have gone' he last his breath.

  • The traditional practice in the community to which I belong is as follows.
    When a child is born to the parents, naming ceremony is conducted inviting relatives and friends. For the first child if it is a boy the name of its paternal grandfather is given. If a girl the name of its paternal grandmother is given. For the second child the names are of maternal grandparents similarly. For subsequent children the names are given of r grand uncles or grant aunts or names of local deity or the deity they worship is given.

    However though ceremoniously the name is given that is used for records and official purposes. The child is called and addressed with a name the parents choose. That can be some pet name which they take fancy to or of names of god and goddesses they prefer. (The reason here is to avoid the embarrassment of calling the parents by their name as the child bears that name.)

    For the Hindus there are certain names which are not to be given to the child. Any name giving a negative sense is to be avoided. The name of mountains and rivers are to be avoided. Names like Sheela, Suguna etc are showing positive traits. However, nowadays people name their children in anyway they want. We can now see many children having the first alphabet as 'A' just for their names coming first in the school list. So in one class there may be more than half children having names beginning A and AA.

    Children are given names gods and goddesses in earlier times , because when the elders are nearing their end, they will be always calling their children and in doing that they will be uttering the names of God, which will make their end peaceful and enable their further spiritual journey smooth. Having the name of grandparents, the family lineage is kept and children will know about their ancestors' names. It was easy in the days when family tree were not made in computer.

  • When a new child is born in Christain's family, we conduct naming ceremony after sevem days by inviting, grand paa, maa, father-in-law, mother-in-law, neighbours, friends and relatives.

    The child's can be named by anyone from the family except far relatives and friends. The name of the child may start with surname Biblical names: John, Joseph, Martha, Mary etc... Like I said, my name is DEO but my surname is John and that my full name becoes JOHN DEO.

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  • When a new child is born parents will be keen to give a suitable name. While choosing the same different approaches are there. Traditionally in my community the name is chosen based on the names of the grandparents of the child. If it is a boy the name of paternal grand father is given. If girl it will be paternal grand mother's. The second child will be given respectively maternal grand parents'. The third child, if any, gets father's or mother's name.
    These days only limited parents follow this. Perhaps the name will be given like this officially to satisfy grand parents, but the parents might call the child by some other new name.
    Earlier the names were chosen based on the basis of God's names. This was the practice in Hindu families. Almost similar approach was there among other communities too.


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