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    How to join cricket at the age of 19 ?

    Aspiring to play cricket at the national level? Check out this page for response to your queries.

    I'm 19 years old. I don't have any kind of cricket background. But I have confidence about my potential. Am I eligible to join cricket academy and play for national side? If yes, what is the procedure and where and how to start my cricket journey? Can you guide me in a proper way?
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    Dear friend, you have to first prove your mettle. You are a litttle bit on the higher side, but never mind. You can contact any good cricket academy and take part in the selection trial. At the same time, before the beginning of local cricket league session in your state capital, you can appear in the selection trial for any good cricket team. If you are selected in the selection trial, you will be able to play in the domestic league cricket. If your performance is excellent, you will be selected to play first-class cricket representing your State. Thereafter you will have to play the zonal team in the Duleep Trophy. Thereafter you can think donning National Cap. Generally, a very good player takes more than 5-6 years to graduate from local cricket league to National Team. Prove that you are an excellent player and fit for National duty.
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    You can learn the basics of the sports from your Physical Director of the college available in your area or any other coach who can guide you properly. After all it is interest that makes you more focused on any field. He can identify your capability and talent and a good coaching in bowling and batting would make you to learn the first foot steps of the game. If you are serious to play for the country, join a Cricket Academy where you can have an opportunity to represent various local tournaments. Your performance can attract the regional selectors to represent the domestic cricket like Ranji Trophy, Dulip Trophy and other tournaments. It all depends on how you perform to get selected to the National team. Try to learn the intricacies of the game and aim high. Sure one day you would realise your dream.

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    Age doesn't matter much in the game of Cricket. Fitness is the main thing. If you are fit physically and mentally you may think of joining cricket academy. Latest example is of Pravin Tambe who played in IPL even in the age of 42. You must hire a coach or join a cricket academy first and learn the basics of the game as much as possible. Through cricket academy you will get a chance to take trials and show your best. IPL trials are a new opportunity for new comers. You can try there. Once you get selected in IPL or first class cricket, you will be in the eyes of Indian selectors and can get a chance to represent your time. Just remember, never leave toiling.

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    Hi Kalyan,
    I think it is quite late that you are thinking about to join cricket. As it is not only about cricket but also for any kind of outdoor games where you need extreme physical fitness. If you starts it in early age it is helpful for you as it will provide you more stamina and strength to prove your ability. So, if you have such physical fitness you may join, but it will be really tough job for you.
    Don't think that I am discouraging you, but I am telling you the real fact. As the competition is really high as cricket is almost the religion of the people in India. In the later part of your question you want to know about the chance of playing national and international level, which is also depends on your ability. so, first contact any good academy where you learn the game well. All the best for your future.

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