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    Are B.Ed courses available for in service teacher

    Have a query about doing a BEd course along with teaching job? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I want to know: Are B.Ed courses available for in service teachers who are unable to get teaching certification from any affiliated school?
    Affiliated schools are not interested to provide certificates after many years of services. IGNOU admission criteria is two years teaching certifications from recognised school.
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    Nowadays B.Ed Courses are available for the full time students and there is no part time course for B.Ed.
    There has to be attendance of attending the Full time class and also its a two years program been changed
    from one year to two year.
    IGNOU offers such a good program its really good to take it and continue. IGNOU is a good one.

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    B.Ed course is no longer available for part-time students (except in IGNOU) in India. This is due to some undesirable activities and corruption during past years in respect of B.Ed. study on part-time basis in correspondence schools of various universities.

    A teacher can also take two years study leave and complete B.Ed. degree. If a person is determined to work as teacher, he/she can even leave the present job, complete B.Ed. and start working afresh as a teacher in future.

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