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    Regarding short term courses abroad in IT field.

    Planning to study a short term IT course abroad? Find suggestions from experts here.

    I am a graduate with Bachelor's Degree in IT and currently
    employed with Capgemini, India with +2 years of total
    IT experience.
    Can you guide me on short term abroad courses in IT
    field that can be persuaded after graduation in countries
    like UK,Singapore,USA?
    For career progression can you provide guidance?
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    Shortest span courses in UK or USA are M.S. and MBA. Both choices are good and need GMAT score. Now even for executive MBA you need 7-10+ years of experience and that to go for approximately 15-22 months. Depends on university you choose. This is story of nearly almost other countries too.
    Remember all foreign degree courses charges per semester and fees are very high. If you really wanted to do PG abroad then start preparing now. With good experience and university there are chances you will get good full time job in abroad. Beware there are already many job seeking students residing in foreign. So better to keep backup of good experience prior to go for Post graduation. All the best.

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    Why do not you go for an executive MBA course? It will give a new boost to your career and a little diversion from your field. You can do executive MBA in IT and Systems which actually goes with your field.
    You want to do the course in abroad, but my suggestion is to do it in India. Then you can pursue your course along with your job. as you have only 2+ yrs experience in relevant field, so gathering experience is also very important for you and you must keep it in your mind to study in abroad. So choose a good and authentic organisation from where you can study along with your job. there are so many distance learning institutions in India, you can do it from one of them.

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    If interested for an additional qualification, you can go in for distance education course of Management either from Symbosis or from IGNOU in the IT stream and such exposure would help you to understand the different tools in a more clear way. The biggest advantage is that you are saving money by opting such course from either of the Institutions and at the same time the courses are recognised by UGC and Ministry of HRD.
    Taking up such course, would not affect your duty timing since you can persue the course in your convenient time and the course content are being provided from the study- centre.
    MBA in IT would help you in acclerated promotion in your current service.

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    Its also one of the good option to go abroad and continue study further. Since you are already having a Bachelor's Degree and working with reputed company for more than two years its a good thought to go abroad
    Every foreign countries who welcomes the student from other countries are considered as an international student and the fees is twice as local students. The visa conditions are usually the course for which the international student opt should be atleast one year.
    They may be awarding degrees or non awarding degree. so there has to be a care taken to take up the course.
    In singapore there is no Part Time work for the student who students as international student, but in UK and USA the student can work as part time for about 20 hours per week and full time if the universities is on holidays.

    Usually either the combination of TOEFL,GRE or TOEFL,GMAT is required for M.S or M.B.A degrees and for the visa clearance its a compulsory TOEFL score sheet will talk instead of the others. There are lot of good universities providing the M.B.A courses for one year in USA and UK. In USA its some times more than a year, but in UK its exactly one year. The visa will also be for more than a year and half for looking for the job after graduation of M.B.A from the reputed universities. If the Job is not fetched within the give time period there might be extension given based on some genuine reason and not unnecessarily. The school must be accredited to do M.B.A courses
    in the Foreign countries.
    Most of the international student who finishes M.B.A has to return to their home country after the visa time period is over for them. The students are not allowed to overstay.

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