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    Want career giudance for working in software field

    Aspiring to work in the software industry? Find career related advice from experts on this page.

    I have completed my BE in Electronics and Communication in 2013 . My 10th score is 73%, 12th is 57% and BE is 60%.
    I want to work in IT sector. What should I do? I have done software testing course in 2014. I don't have any experience in IT. Can you provide guidance?
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    I assume that you have completed the software testing course. And now you are aware of the manual testing and automation. In such case, getting certification of ISTQB and QTP definitely helps. Start by sending resume to the testing companies. And this should give you an idea of how to approach the interview. You may also need to join any other temporary job if possible. Do not stay idle. Just get any work in IT industry that you can get. Most likely this will help you with financial side.

    Here's how you can get the experience, depending on the location things may vary at your place.

    1. Find out the startup and companies looking for freshers or intern.
    2. Apply with your resume. And appear for interview.
    3. Do some work for 6 month to 1 year. And try to gain some real world project experience.

    After this you can apply when there are opening for the 1_ year experience or freshers recruitment.

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    Dear Member,

    IT companies normally ask for an average of 60% or 65% or sometimes more percentage in your academics. The score you have mentioned above looks only touching the eligibility criteria but may not be enough. Moreover, you have mentioned that in 2014 you have done software testing course. If you were not working in any other IT company or did not studied any other courses / higher studies since then, I must say that it is very difficult to get a job. Do some courses like Java, .NET, Web development, etc., I would suggest you to apply for various companies through the fresher's websites available and keep attending interviews. Try to get at least into a smaller company even if it is with less salary. Once you gain experience in a year or two, you can apply for the companies you wish as an experienced candidate.


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    Today because of mismatch in demand and supply position of qualified persons there is a situation of unemployment. In these conditions it is difficult to get a good job immediately unless you compete in some entrance examination etc but there are many small companies which offer jobs to qualified persons by giving low salaries and as soon as these persons get on the job experience they move on to greener pastures.
    Today it is very common to switch jobs from one company to another until one is comfortable financially as well as job satisfaction wise.
    Electronics and communication is a very big field and the opportunities are innumerable like - in maintenance area, in mobile telephone area, in heavy industries, in marine engineering, in electrical transmissions etc.
    You can keep a watch on current jobs in some good site or newspaper and track them as per your liking and interest.
    One important thing which some other members have also pointed out that do not be idle, do something - big or small does not matter.
    Remember the end of education is beginning of career.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Its good you have completed the B.E in Electronics and Communication in 2013 with a good percentage of about 60% and i hope that is a first class degree. Its also good you have scored 73% in 10th standard, 57% in 12th standard.
    Most of the companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys usually ask for the first class 60% in 10th,12th and in the
    Under Graduate degree. There are also very good companies which require only and talent and not much marks in except you have to clear all their interview rounds and sometimes the marks are considered as a second option.
    Since you have completed the software Testing course in 2014, at least there must be some project experience and also should be known about the Win Runner and Load Runner, Manual Testing and Automated Testing, Silk Testing also.
    Try and browse the questions about the Software Testing what would they ask in the Interview. Many companies still hire for the talented candidates after one year of completing the Under Graduate degree and opting a career course. Show them your project of testing in the Software and make them convinced.
    Even small companies are good in pay later you can go for the big companies, hires the talented person who opted for the course after a U.G degree and able to produce much
    knowledge and result of their projects after the completion of the U.G. degree. Register in the job portals your resume, look for the places where they need the freshers for working in the testing field. Even silk test knowledge along with test case writing is also required from the freshers. So try it takes some time to search but definitely there will be a job in market. Communicate with friends, seniors, placement cells in your college, agencies who hire the freshers also useful for searching the job in the IT Sector. Testing on the software, Application products, web testing are the most required talent in the markets. Needs time to search and get it.

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    I would like to express my doubt towards your change of domain. You mentioned that you are from EC background. I have been noticing quite a lot of audience who land up in software testing domain, after getting a B.Tech or B.E degree in EC. Of course, testing is a good field which require some good quality talent to work. But I am worried whether a 4 year engineering course is getting in vain. I would rather suggest to prefer if EC is your taste. If electronics is not your taste and if you are ready to keep aside your degree in EC, we shall look into some other alternatives.

    Computer Science engineering is a vast field where you have got many domains to select. Software testing is also a relatively big domain. Testing has many positives and setbacks. If someone is very interested in coding or programming something, it would be better if he tries in software developing side in the initial stage. There are some who is not that interested in coding, but love to be in IT domain. Such domains are literally difficult to find it in CS Engineering. Software testing, in someway may be treated to be one among them. Again here, there are two diversions, i.e, one interested in programming and other without the same.

    If programming is what you like, you have really got much more bigger domain as compared to other domain here. There are good quality materials online. You can try to get into a position to attend interviews. It is completely your taste to get into an MnC or a start up. Be careful in selecting interviews. You need to more cautious about the position for which you are applying. Also, if you are interested in improving career growth, be sure you try to find
    a good quality job.

    All the best.


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