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    Why is exercise belt for back support used for squats ?

    Have a query about using exercise belt for squats? Find resolution to yuor query on this page.

    If you workout in Gymnasium or other places , you must have seen people with heavy weight lifting use exercise belt for back support. What is the reason for use of exercise belt for back support?
    It is well known that it supports your lower back spinal chord. What kind of problems will happen if you don't use belt? is it only required for heavy weight lifting or light weights are also required? What other exercises it is advised to use back support belt?
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    The exercise belt is basically to prevent and avoid injury and hurt. When you exercise that exerts extra load on your various parts depending the exercise. In weight lifting the load falls on your back, backbone and lower hips. There is also stress on your front lower side. The belt takes care of the extra stress and protrusion and injury by holding the targeted parts within the limits and thus avoiding sprain, muscle strain and hernia also.(Hernia is projection and protrusion of any organ where it is not expected to be in its normal ordinary position).

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