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    Does crowning 14 lower and 13 upper teeth cost 67 thousand?

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    My mom currently has 12 teeth in lower jaw and 9 in upper jaw. Almost all teeth have RCT done on them a week ago.
    Now the doctor says he will crown 14 teeth in lower jaw and 13 teeth in upper jaw. And he says it will cost 67 thousand rupees and the procedure will be done in a month.
    I find the costs very steep. Does it costs this much for crowning?
    He was also talking about bridging but didn't explain me well. All I got to know is the for completing 14 lower teeth and 13 upper teeth he is going to charge 67 thousand.

    Awaiting your valuable suggestions/opinions.

    Abhishek chakraborty
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    Dental Crowning pricing are based on many factors. Typically they range from 40k - 1lac based on location, material, dental lab and the doctors' experience can affect the price. Dental crowns are very common and routine.
    It takes two visits for a crown.

    In India General crowing prices are like for Dental Crown - 40-42k, All Metal Dental Crown - 36-40k, All Ceramic Dental Crown - 43-45k.

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    It does cost that much depends on what type of crown material use. There are 4 types of crown made up of
    1. Metal - Long lasting, unbreakable but color might not match with teeth color. Gold Alloy used for this.
    2. Porcelain fused to metal - color can be matched to near teeth but breakable compared with metal.
    3. All resin - cheapest among all but can be fractured and don't have much longevity.
    4. All Ceramic - Most matching for teeth color and preferred. But they also wear down as time passes.

    All ceramic is the costliest among all followed by All metal. Now again the wearing down of crown depends on position where you put the crown which also called as Cap. All ceramic mostly used in front and metal mostly in back. Preferred choice is to use all caps of same type.

    Now coming back to your question. Ceramic costs varies between 4000 to 6000 Rs per tooth. Other crown type price goes somewhat closer to this as it depends on city or location dentist you are visiting. Visit other dental hospitals in neighbor and enquire about choices and cost.

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    It depends on doctors.It also depends on material they use.
    The renowned doctor's fee is more than general doctor's fee.
    The expanses on labs are also consider in patient's fee.
    Locality is also responsible for it .

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    As already mentioned by various Members, the cost of dental crowning varies widely depending upon the city, hospital and also upon the paying capacity of the customer. However, if it can be done in Government hospitals, the cost is much less than the cost of crowning in private sector. In Government dental hospitals of India, the cost of crowning can never be above Rs. 20,000/-. However, most Government hospitals refuse to undertake this and instead advise the patients to get crowning done from outside (i.e., from privatee hospitals).
    If the patient is willing to get the crowning done from Government hospital, he/she must get it recommended by an MP/MLA or any senior doctor preferably from the same hospital.

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