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    Change of date of birth on the 12 leaving certificate

    Having a problem about mistake in leaving certificate? Worried if it will create a problem in a government job? Find answers to your query on this page.

    One of my friend's date of birth is 01-07-1988 on 10th marks sheet. But without his knowledge somebody has altered the date of birth on his 10th leaving certificate as 01-07-1989. He came to know about that after the completion of his 12th and got his leaving certificate. There it was mentioned as 01-07-1989 but he requested that official to change the year as 1988 and also submitted the bonafide certificate from high school. But they asked him to change as 1988 by your own so he did the same and now he completed his degree and got government job.
    Is there any problem for date of birth at time of verification and joining process?
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    There are multiple options he has.
    1. He can request for correction in university. They supposed to send him corrected leaving certificate. He might have to pay for correction at university.
    2. If he is all eligible for job then don't worry about date of birth. He can show alternate age proofs if required. E.g. Rashan card, driving license, Domicile or Nationality certificate. Or worst case he can take affidavit from court for age proof.

    Ask him to contact his college to re-issue transfer certificate. He should speak to college principal and explain them the situation. The college office people will guide him steps to follow.

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    I have read the question carefully. As a Government Officer looking after recruitment and other personnel matter for a very long time, I know that in Government recruitment, the date mentioned in the School-leaving certificate is taken as official date of birth. So, the date of birth as indicated in the school-leaving certificate of this particular applicant will be taken as official date of birth in Government record.

    If the particular person wants to change his date of birth at this stage, he will have to go through complicated procedure which I don't want to mention here, because the process is complicated and it would confuse the new entrant in Government service. However, I would definitely ask him why didn't he seriously make an attempt to rectify the mistake in past, and why is he raking up the issue after getting selected for Government job?

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    As the correction is to be made on 10th certificate. You may have to get it corrected on both 10th and 12th. And any respective documents where this is changed. You may also have to file the respective requests and explain your side. You may need to carry original certificate. You may also need to take the references of respective schools too.

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