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    Which is the healthiest way to eat an egg?

    Have a query about healthier ways of eating an egg? Find advice from experts on this page.

    There are various ways through which we can eat eggs. It can be a boiled one or fried or an omelet or it can be consumed as is in its natural form. But there would be one way which is healthier among all the above methods. I would like to know which is that form through which we can get maximum nutritious benefits of egg. Request the health care specialists in ISC to give a response to my query.
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    The egg is one of my favorite ones. I have tasted egg in all formats, I mean - boiled one or fried or an omelet or in its natural form. I did had the same doubt some time back and did some googling and found out some interesting facts. The healthiest way is that when eggs consumed with raw vegetables can actually increase the nutritional value of the veggies. Eggs can be scrambled, hard-boiled.. Etc, as per the consumer wish and taste.
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    Egg contains all the nutrients except carbohydrates and vitamin-C.Egg is mostly consumed because of its protein richness.Egg proteins have all the nine essential amino acids needed by the body in right proportions.
    Raw egg is not assimilated by the intestinal mucosa, therefore it must be cooked before consumption. Boiling also destroys 'avidin', a substance present in raw egg that prevents the body from obtaining biotin ( a B - complex protein). Eating raw egg may cause this vitamin deficiency. Boiled egg is therefore nutritionally superior to raw egg. When an omelette is made , some amount of oil,salt,chilli powder are usually added for taste which are not desired if one wants to eat in a healthy way. As egg is deficient in vitamin-C , it is helpful if one takes egg along with vitamin -C rich foods such as citrus fruits, tomatoes,broccoli etc.

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    Egg can be taken in many ways in ones food but it is advisable to boil it before use because raw egg sometimes leads to salmonella ( a type of food poisoning ). Whether it is fully boiled or soft boiled does not make much difference as there food values are similar.
    It can be taken in form of fried or omelette also but only thing is the oil will add to calories.
    Generally boiled eggs tossed in half boiled vegetables are supposed to be a good food choice.

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    Food consumption depends not just on nutrient value alone. Food has also t satisfy and stimulate our sense of taste, smell and sight.
    Another important point is how it is on our stomach or digestion.
    Basically certain people can digest anything they consume easily, while some others may have a relative weak digestion capacity. For some raw food may not suit and for others more masala may not suit.
    So it is better to test all varieties in smaller quantities and find out how each suit you and how is the relative digestive capacity and whether there is any discomfort after that.
    Egg can be better consumed as omelette with addition of digestion enabling spices and also as sandwich fill. There are many native recipes as per the local tastes and availability. In certain places like vllages in Tamil Nadu there is something like 'kothu porotta' which is a finely sliced mixture of parotta(paratha) with omelette.
    It is always safe to go with what is familiar and habit in one's family from childhood. However one can experiment in variety in small quantities and go for more if it suits and tastes well.

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    Boiled egg seems to be the only healthy way to eat the egg. The reason being you are not using any form of oil in this process. Also there are no other vegetables, salt and other things added. So this means you have a lot of stuff added into it. These days many people also add masala and toppings of different types into the boiled egg. This makes it not much suitable for healthy eating. And the raw and natural values are lost in between the processing of egg. So the best option in my opinion is through boiled way. You don't lose any nutritional value of the egg. Also you can find that boiled egg tastes lot better too.

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    1. Drink milk with boil egg .
    2. add haldi in milk than eat with boil is very healtiest way.
    3. if you have a cold than don't go and consult doctor before going to bed for sleep just eat two boil egg after eat do not drink water anf go for sleep next day you will definetly see changes.
    4. Measure one tablespoon of milk for each egg you'll be using and whisk them together, adding a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Heat two teaspoons of butter or oil at medium heat and pour in the eggs. Don't stir the eggs. Turn and fold gently with a wooden spoon.

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    Eggs contain a number of nutrients such as Protiens, Vitamins B5, Vitamins B6, Folates, Amino - acid etc and the consumption of three eggs daily would enrich our body with sufficient essential vitamins and Protiens.
    In order to retain the nutrients of the eggs, it should be consumed by getting the same boiled in water for 15 minutes and the same can be taken once it attains the room temperature. Such condition allows the nutrients to retain its qualities for the nourishment.
    The other alternative way would be to make Omlette with minimum quantity of oil, preferably Olive - oil, minimum common salt and some amount of Black - pepper to enhance the test. However, it should not be over fried so that nutrients are lost in course of preparation.
    Eggs can certainly enhance HDL content in the blood and also a regular consumption of the same would arrest the disease of Catract and also the sufficient amount of Protiens would help the body - metabolism to maintain healthy - weight. Protiens sheds the body - weight.

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    As far as I know, to get maximum benefit from egg, it should be consumed raw. Raw egg is extremely beneficial for health. Raw egg is required to be taken with little bit of salt and pepper. However, very few people can consume egg in this manner. So, the second-best alternative is taking egg in half-boiled state. Boiled egg is not that good. If egg is fried, then minimum amount of oil (mastard oil ore olive oil) should be used and, if possible, omlette should be made with some vegetables. Ghee or dalda must not be used for frying omlette.
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    Eggs are an excellent source of protein, iron, zinc and vitamins B, A and D. They are also a source of the antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein. A large egg contains roughly 70 calories, 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, very little of which is saturated and approximately 190 milligrams of cholesterol. Cholesterol is present only in the yolk. Eggs are classified as a complete protein food. Protein consists of 20 amino acids, out of which 9 cannot be produced by the human. These 9 amino acids are vital and considered essential and can come from only food sources. All foods that contain all 9 of these amino acids are termed as complete protein foods.

    The health concern that people eating eggs must watch out for, is salmonella poisoning, which can transfer from the egg shell to the edible part. It is advisable that eggs be cooked thoroughly, to kill the salmonella bacteria. The good thing is that heat required to cook the egg does not affect its nutrition quotient. So, eggs eaten in any form must not be runny and must be cooked till they are firm.

    Whether you hard boil them, or fry them or turn them into an omelette or scrambled eggs, ensure that the eggs are cooked well. Eggs can also be poached in water and cooked in the microwave. You can also make French Toast or pancakes using eggs.

    To improve the nutrition value serve eggs with boiled and lightly sautéed veggies on the side. Carrots, peas, beans, broccoli, mushrooms, bell peppers etcetera complement cooked eggs. Sprinkle salt and pepper or dry herbs on the veggies and you are ready to go. Cut tomatoes in half, drizzle a little olive oil on them and place them on the pan when frying the eggs. Cook them on either side, till slightly brown, add a dash of salt and pepper and serve.

    Make your omelettes healthier by adding mushrooms and spinach to them, along with of finely course chopped onions, green chillies and cilantro. Grated cheese can be added to the egg too.

    When cooking always attempt to enhance flavours and nutrition. If you are starting your day with an egg, make sure you add some veggies and fruits to the meal, so that it becomes a complete meal.

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    There are lots of ways to consume egg. But boiled egg is the most healthiest way to consume it. because in this way you do not have to add other additives like oil, salt or spice in it. As no additives are used in this form so you can get protein, vitamins and minerals in a natural way. Put an egg in water, boil it for 10-15 minutes. Then peel the outer skin and eat it.

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