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    Different ways to learn Uttanasana?

    Have a query about uttanasana? Find suggestions from experts here.

    Many slim and bulky body people find difficulty doing Uttanasana. Fat or chubby people find it difficult because of big tummy or stomach. Slim people too sometimes not able to do it because of no confidence or unable to bend that much.
    Experts please advise what steps should be taken to learn it perfectly. Will heavy body structure will able to do it too? What baby steps needs to take for achieving this. I expect comments from people really do Yoga and aware about doing Uttanasana. Please do not put comments on how to reduce weight.
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  • Uttanasana is known as 'standing forward bend pose' in English. As the name suggests you can easily understand that which parts of your body is used in this particular yoga pose. I am doing yoga for last 15 years and I really feel well when doing it.

    To perform this pose you have to stand on your feet keeping them together. Now bend your body in forward direction and try to touch your toe with the fingers of your hand. Be careful that you must not fold your knee. hold the pose for 10-15 seconds and then release it. Again perform it for same time and end up your session with corpse pose. You can watch any YouTube video to learn it step by step.

  • Uttanasana or Hastha Uttanasana is a forward bending yoga pose.

    How to perform: Stand straight, keep the feet together. As you inhale, slowly raise your arms straight above your head. Exhaling, slowly bend forward to 90 degree position, exhaling further, bend completely and bring your hands to your feet. you can place your palms next at the sides of your feet if possible. or you can touch the feet by your fingers. Remember not to bend your knee. Hold the position with normal breathing as long as possible. Then slowly inhale as you come to 90 degree position and inhale further and stand straight, arms straight above your head. Exhale bring the arms down.

    Do not perform this if you have blood pressure.

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