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    How to make tricolor flag photo with alphabet?

    Interested in making a tricolor photo for profile picture? Check out this page for response to your queries.

    On this Republic Day I see many whatsapp profile photo with initial alphabet of name with Indian flag. I have attached it. Anyone know how it can be done? Any cellphone app can be used for it? Does it require computer Photoshop? What different cellphones apps help for such embedding of two things?
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  • Most of the images appearing in internet are the creations of creative minds and they wont reveal the source nor they guide us. What I suggest that instead of harping on apps and source, you take the help of paint in your computer and create the alphabets you want in Indian tri-colour. But what I strongly feel that in the guise of making some interesting color combination to look good, you should not distort the very essence of our flag color scheme and that would mean insult to the flag. So in this regard getting help from others is remote chance, try for your self and get satisfied.

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • What you see on Whatsapp are not the creation of person who has changed his profile picture with that tricolor alphabet. Actually they have downloaded it from somewhere on the internet and pasted it in their profile. There are also many links through which you can apply changes on your profile pic. They are specially programmed links which work on the feed back from your profile. If your profile name start with A then once you click the link you will get the tricolor A alphabet.
    If you want to create it by yourself then you need to have a smartphone. You can download any of the good photo editing application and then by selecting the alphabet you can edit it. You can change the color according to your wish. You could also try painting the alphabets in MS Paint.

  • To make this image you can use following steps:
    1. Install student version of adobe Photoshop free from their website.
    2. Install desired font. (there are many free websites that provide fonts for free for personal use)
    3. Create new file in Photoshop. ( the ratio of height-width should be equal)
    4. Import 2 images of 2 flags, one blur and one clean.
    5. Resize the images as per your need.
    6. Write initial of your name with desired font using text tool.
    7. Keep font layer between both flags layer.
    8. Now use eraser on top layer. (outside portion of letter you wrote)
    9. If you want to give shadow effect to your text, copy text layer. Now you have 2 layers with same font. On below layer put blur effect from effects and move it horizontally a bit to right.

    You might still need to take video references to learn basics; also Photoshop has an android version. So if you can, do it with android. It's up to you. But doing it in computer is a longer process but will help you in learning lot of creative things and for future you will never need to depend on any application.

    For an easy view the layers will look like this:

    Layer 4: flag 2 (the one that need to be erased from outside of letter.
    Layer 3: text- clean and solid.
    Layer 2: text (copied, blur).
    Layer 1: flag 1 (blur).
    Back ground: no image, empty thumbnail.

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