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    How to calculate electric meter unit in rupees.

    Have a query about calculation of electricity units? Find response to all your queries on this page.

    Power house checks the electricity units on the meter on a monthly basis.
    How do they calculate the units in rupees? What is the calculation and formula used to calculate the money spend on electricity?
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  • It's actually very easy for an student/Person have studied Electrical engineering to calculate the electricity bill, that from electric meter unit in rupees.

    Let me explain with an example :
    Lets assume a normal household consumes 1000 watt per hour in a day for 30days/1 month.
    we already know 1 unit = 1kWh
    so for 30 days its = 1000 Watts x 24 Hrs x 30 Days = 720000 watts/hour.

    Now convert the watts into kWh = 720000/1000- (1 kWh = 1000 watts)
    = 720 kWh = 720 Unit

    If 1 unit = 5 Rs = 720 x 5=3600 Rs.

    So in for this we need to how much unit consumed, rest part is very easy. Hope this helps.

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  • In our residence, an electric meter is installed indicating the power consumed over a particular time - period. So in order to calculate the power in a month, we will have to calculate the entire power consumption over this period. Let me illustrate the same with an example. The example is indicated as follows.
    Heater of 1000 watt is used for 3 hrs in a day = 3000 watt
    TV is used for 6 hrs ( watt consumed in TV is 60 watt per hour) = 60 multiplied by 6 = 360 watt.
    3 fans of 60 watt each is used for 8 hour in a day ie total watt consumed is 3 multiplied by 60 again multiplied by 8 = 1440 watt.
    LED bulbs of 18 watts are used for 6 hrs in night continiously and hence power consumed = 108 watt.
    Total power consumed in a day= 3000+ 360+1440+108=4908 watt.
    Assuming that this being the average power consumption in a day and hence the monthly power consumption in 30 days ie equivalent to a month is 4908 multiplied by 30 = 147240 watt= 147.24 Kilo watt = 147.24 unit ( since 1 kilo watt = 1 unit)
    If the charge per unit being Rs 4, then total cost of power in terms of Rupees would be equal to 4 multiplied by 147.24= 588.96 Rupees
    There are certain provisions being taken into account for the calculation of electricity - bills. After attaining certain amount of unit, the rate changes and a higher amount exceeding the previous slotes are to be paid. Apart from it, taxes and surcharges too are included prior to final billing of the electricity - bill.
    I hope you can make out this procedure.

  • Electric consumption bills are prepared in the following way.(Take the last two bills and check while reading).

    Let us assume that last bill metre reading was 1100 units, and this month meter reading is 1250 units

    1. Present bill period h consumption is = last month reading value -(minus)this month meter reading value
    (in the example it is125-1100=150 units)

    2. Look at the back side of the bill if the slab rates are given . If not please refer the electric company web site for tariffs. (Let us assume that for 0 to 100 units the tariff is Rs 5 per unit, From 101 units to 150 units it is Rs 7 per unit)
    3. From (2) the unit charge for your bill will be 100 X5 + 50X 7 ie. 500 + 350 =850 rupees.
    4. However electric bills do not just include the consumed unit charges alone. They have other things as duty, surcharge, taxes ,adjustments, meter rent , fixed charges etc. They all vary from company to company or board to board.

    5. The total amount to be paid will be the sum total of the figure arrived at 3 and the relevant amounts mentioned in 4.

  • While our experts already detailed the way the electric consumption charges are tabulated and bill raised, I would like to mention here that in the name of energy charges, over heads, incidental charges some more amounts are levied and the total amount brought to a decent amount so as to avoid fractions while remitting the payment at the EB counter. Invariably I have seen that they are charging 20 to 30 rupees extra every month and that add up to the total. If we take that over heads also, then we may not arrive at the right per unit cost being levied by different EB's across the country.

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  • If you switch on any electrical device or combination of electrical devices like fans,electric bulbs,tubes etc whose sum is of 1000watt or 1KW (Kilo Watt) for one hour the electric consumption is called one kilo watt hour (1kwh). 1kwh is 1unit.
    If you consume 500 units of electricity and for your domestic connection per unit
    cost is Rs.5/- then your electricity bill for that month will be Rs,2500/-.

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