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    Career Guidance for android developing.

    Need career guidance or course information about becoming an Android developer? Go through the answers given here.

    Hello, I'm Abhinav.I'm in 10th class and I have a great interest in android developing.
    I need guidance, opinion and know about scope of android developer in India or abroad.
    And I also want to know about the procedures, certification courses and institutes those who offer
    a good course. After 10th procedures for become a android developer?
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    If you are interested in Android development. Here are some of the steps you need to do.

    1. Learn Java.
    2. Learn fundamentals of Android Device.
    3. Download Android Studio.
    4. Watch tutorials and videos on Youtube.
    For example check this playlist for android videos :

    5. Learn by doing as shown in the video. Then try to do it on your own.
    6. Create list of apps and then get them hosted on Android Play Store.
    7. Use these apps as your portfolio. And prepare for interviews.

    This process should help you land the jobs for Android development. You don't have to do certifications as they are quite costly and also most of the knowledge is gone in the powerpoint slides. Instead learn from online videos and courses such as from youtube, udemy etc. They have far more and superior content than local institutes around.

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    To build a career in Android you need to learn Java first and you have to know it excellent. apart from your studies you can join a part time Java Certification course from any reputed organisation. Try to read books on Java, get help from net, search for free E books on Java and Android development, try to learn in free time of your studies. You can find lots of Android development vedios in Youtube and practise programming yourself with Android Studio. Try to build a small application first and then a complicated one.

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    Dear member, you have to learn core java first. if you have a knowledge in core java than you need to understand android framework for developing android applications. Do a coaching from any qualified training institute for android.

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    Android developer is also a good choice in the Application development when compared to the software nowadays. Many giants are doing android in their company when compared to other Smartphones operating systesm like Apple Ios, MAC, Microsoft, Blackberry, Android stands first among them as its easy and convenient way of usage for the mobile customers. The Market share is also more good when compared to other competitors.

    Android platform where android is a open source when compared to others. Android can be done on various operating systems like Windows Computer, Linux Computer, or a Mac.
    To develop Android there should be an Android device such as Genymotion an emulator. There are lots of other
    emulator devices also. But it will be good if you test that on a readl device.
    The tools required to become a Android Developer are Java,SQL, Android Software Development Kit(SDK) and Android Studio, XML.

    Mobile apps are good in demand in the smartphone market and being as a Android developer makes the right path in the market. Not only the Android books help in developing the knowledge but also the you tube helps in previous developments of the android. Its one of the emerging in the technology for new comers with great ideas and passion to work for the Android.

    There are many job openings like Junior Android Engineer, Senior Android Mobile Developer, Android Developer, the pay is also much better than other designation. In future there are possibilities of overcoming more jobs in the industry competing others, in India and in abroad. Gain at least two year of experience in India and get abroad opportunities else choose a higher education in the Android developing to gain more salary packages in different countries. Choose Mobile computing career course along with a Bachelor of engineering in software Engineer is a good option to get paid well.

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    Most Corporate Companies are using websites to promote their business and products.Website developer helps them in promoting by developing their website.
    To become a good Web developer, students should do professional courses to inhance creativity and technical skills.Some courses name are BSc in Multimedia,MSc in Multimedia, Master of Computer Application, Advance Diploma in Software and Web Development, Web Development programme.

    you can take admission after passing intermediate exam(10+2).After completing the course you will be hired by software companies ,Web design agencies ,online gaming companies ,Marketing firms etc .

    If you join any company you will get around 20-25 thousand rupees per month and increases rapidly.
    * Institutions to pursue above mentioned courses are :
    *Aptech Computer Education ,New Delhi ,www.aptecheducation
    * Arena Animation ,New Delhi ,

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    A software developer is an individual who write lines of codes called a program to function or perform certain task.

    If one is intrigued to become a software developer, he must learn FUNDAMENTAL MATHEMATICS or he will end up amidst loops, and core Java. Most successfull programmer had already pursued higher studies in Mathematics: Linear of Algebra, Calculus, Numbers and Calculus II. These are the most significant course every developer learns and must have a passion for learning alive.

    Secondly, if you are rushing to pursue a programming course then most universities or institution that offers application development couse have set an eligibility critirea.

    1. You must be a graduate OR
    2. Must have completed BS.c 12 / Commerce as the primary subject.

    Finally, if you have knowledge for the same in Mathtematics then you have learn C/ C++/ C# before opting for Java becuse Java ain't easy to learn from the fist place as it is an Object Oriented Programming Language one needs to be quite conversant with the languages of C.

    Last but not least, the required tools to develop Android apps are:
    1. Android NDK + SDK + IDE
    2. NetBeans IDE (Supports C, C++, C#, & Java
    3. Compatible OS are Windows 7 or 8 best 64 bit.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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