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    Career advice for airline industry

    Aspiring to make a career in airlines sector? Check out this page for career advice from experts.

    I have done my graduation in mechanical engineering but i don't have any interest in it.
    I would like to make my career in airline industry because it is the most booming industry from the last few decades. I also have some work experience in this field because I have worked in the aviation field for 3 years. Will it be a good choice to take the way of airline or should I continue my journey in same path in which I got selected?
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    Without having interest nobody can continue in whatsoever field. Since you got some experience as you already mentioned and showing further interest to move with aviation field, why cant you choose the job in the aviation field of your own background category. As rightly said for the last few years, the sector is booming and so many avenues are being grown up, it would be a better choice to shift to aviation field. The present government is also basically focuses on the development of infrastructure and out of that so many small towns are getting connected by air. All the best to you dear.

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    Work experience is an asset. As you have mentioned that you have not interest in the field you studied, you have to choose some other filed in which you have an interest.

    But to get a job you should have a basic academic qualification they need or the relevant work experience.

    The details like when you graduated, where you are employed now and what is your age now are not available in the question. So a specific answer is not possible. We can give general suggestion.
    If you like aviation and have experience then choose the same for your further career. However if you are on a job now, think twice to quit. Quit only on getting a better job. You may also try to get more update education by joining some relevant courses in the field of your interest.
    But it will be easier for you to stick to those field somehow connected with your basic course(mechanical engineering). You can choose jobs related to sales, marketing, supervisory and management in the connected area.

    You can also try jobs in openings where the needed qualification is any graduation, like banking, general administration etc if age criteria permits. In aviation also there may be similar sections and departments where you can join.

    Take a proper decision considering your age, how much years passed after you graduated and at what level you are now placed, what is your situation in family and personal life.

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    You getting experience in mechanical field and then switching to aviation sounds a much better option. Though landing directly into the aviation is a bit tough. You may be asked to get further education related to the industry. Depending on where you want to work, this may be a good option.

    Few things to do-

    1. Find out the opening in various options related to airline industry in employment news.
    2. Apply to the one that suits your profile.
    3. See as many opportunities that suits your age group.
    4. If you failed to find any specific job in airline industry, try to find alternative job. This is to keep yourself relevant.

    These are some of the things that you should be paying attention to. You should also keep focus on staying employed. As that part makes it easier for you to have financial source running. Many people understand as they benefit from that instead of going jobless for finding opportunities.

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    Airline Industry is a good and booming industry when compared to the Information technology industry and other IT Enabled services industry in all aspects like pay, benefits for the employee. Being as a graduate in Mechanical Engineering its good and also its also related to the airlines industry in the propeller design and also in designing air craft and engines.
    There are also ground control in the airlines industry that will help you understand what happens in the ground before boarding a plane and how the plane is checked for every travel.
    Since you have already worked in the aviation industry for three years there are benefits that you can understand the computer aided design for those engines, which is a better carrier that also earn more when compared to the previous job.
    There are so many commercial industries providing jobs for various talents with various degrees and should be with good command over English.

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    Mechanical Engineering is such a branch that you have a plethora of choices to make. Only thing is what is your aptitude and interest. Are you an easy going person or someone ready to work in odd hours or late night shifts.
    Another aspect is whether you want to go in a technical line or managerial or administrative line. You have to ask yourself - where will you fit best.
    Aviation industry is already in a booming stage and there are good job opportunities. They are also paying good salaries.
    For mechanical engineers airlines offer many jobs like maintenance and upkeep of planes, repair shops, overhauling shops etc. The job is basically a ground duty job. Once you get sufficient experience you can switch to a better airlines in terms of facilities and salary pack.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mechanical - engineering branch is versatile branch dealing with maintenance and up keeps ranging from Power - plant to any industries including the aviation one.
    Being a Mechanical- engineer your job in the aviation - industry would be to take up maintenance of different running planes and you have to check the every components of the plane and to ensure that the fitted parts can withstand wear and tear during the course of operation. If required, the faulty parts are to be replaced with a suitable design made from a company of repute.
    Since this Industry is on the booming stage and would remain so in the in the years ahead, your prospects for the rise in this Industry is significant if you are a consistent performer.

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