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    How to gain weight and become fit?

    Interested in gaining weight? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I am 21 years old and I weigh around 45 kgs.
    Can you suggest me what should I do to increase my weight?
    People tell me to eat well but I cannot eat much of food.
    Eating in small amounts fill my stomach.
    Can you advice abut how to gain weight and become fit?
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    Gaining weight, it is said is not as difficult as losing it. Basically a proper carbohydrate and protein diet along with light exercises is required for gaining weight.
    Items like milk, banana, rice, sweet gourd, nuts, butter, potatoes, starch, red meat, oily fish etc are the rich foods for gaining weight.

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    For gaining weight one should eat protein and fats rich food. Sources of those are soybean,sugar,eggs ,milk ,rice ,potatoes ,ghee,curd ,butter,cheese,sweets and meat. You should need to take germinated seeds with honey.
    There are some protein powder available in market .You may take it with milk.You take jaggery with sprouted grains.
    Pulses are also rich souse of Protein.For gaining weight you eat pizza,burger and chowmin .Don't take water before meals. Get sound sleep.

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    Body weight depends on many factors including height, heredity, health problems, activity, race ,etc etc.
    I would suggest a few points in this regard for your case.

    1. Please take a medical check up and ensure that you do not have any health issues. Also ask your doctor whether your height-age-weight relationship is normal. If he says it is normal, then you need not worry.

    2. Ascertain from him how much weight you can gain ideally without causing problems.

    3. Plan your food intake based on your present intake and work on calorie bas plan. Ascertain what is the minimum BMR(Body Metabolism Rate) you need. You should consume food which supply more calories that the BMR.

    4. Make your meals well balanced with all needed nutrients and variety food. You may happily indulge in milk, dairy products and take proteins foods along with the usual carbohydrate foods you consume . You may slowly and gradually increase the intake. Increase of 7720 calories approximately may end up increasing in one kg of body weight (provide the activity level is same).

    5. Please do not increase food quantum suddenly or overeat with overenthusiasm. Keep the normal physical activity also to keep yourself fit.

    6 Include the normal home remedies of ginger, ajwain, jeera , hing etc in the food items to avoid indigestion and stomach problems.

    7. Keep only realistic targets. Divide your target into different stages with definite time period like fortnight, month etc.. The first stage will b easy. Achieve that. Then review and compare your goal for that period and make suitable adjustments either in goal or intake.

    8. Do not check weight every day. Check only after the first goal stage.

    9. Discontinue and re adjust quantum and style if any kind of discomfort is felt.

    10. Keep a good social life also to keep you happy always.

    Once you start gaining weight go to a gym and take up the optimum workouts to keep you fit. There also do not over exert.

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    Gaining weight is lot easier than losing the weight. Here are some of the methods that you can try to gain some weight.

    1. Eat banana chips everyday. And make sure you also eat banana with milk.
    2. Make sure you get more sleep than required. This affects your metabolism.
    3. Move less and stay idle on the bed or the couch. That also contributes to metabolism slowing down.
    4. Go to gym and lift some weight. This increases your muscle and also helps gain some weight.

    Make sure you eat healthy. Though you may have to eat some junk food too as you are trying to gain weight. But once increased you may have to eat only healthy food. Otherwise this may affect your body. And this can turn into more of unhealthy weight. So you'd be forced to reduce the calories.

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    After reading this post I could not control my laughter. When many people are worried about their over weight and planning to tone their personality, here the author wants tips to increase weight. My best advise is that you maintain the same weight which is good as per me. However still you want to gain weight. The start eating more food than expected . eat more spicy food , eat more fast food, never do any exercise and be lazy for some days. Surely you will put more weight. One thing is sure when you start looking over weight, you will loose good friends and well wishers too.
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    If you could take care of your diet by including some of the nutritives, you may register a gain in your weight. Take the following points into consideration-
    1) Early in the morning, take one banana of larger side along with 200 ml of sweetened milk. In that way, you are taking the requisite calories to gain weight significantly in a very short period.
    2) You may include dry nuts like Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts and Raisins in your breakfast. Take 20 GM of each of the items along with your breakfast.
    3) In your lunch you must take red meat along with its curry in sufficient quantity say 250 GM on the alternate days and the days when red meat is not included, you may take chicken.
    4) In the evening, take a table spoon of cow-ghee followed by equal quantity of sugar and consume it.
    5) Before going to bed, you may take Aswagandha powder of any reputed Ayurvedic pharmaceutical and around 5 GM of the same is to be mixed in 200 ml of warm milk and consume this mixture for roughly 40 days. This will help you in gaining weight.
    6) Sufficient sleep for eight hours is required to be taken to relax the body nerves.
    7) Your meal must contain butter, peanuts, curd and potatoes and rice since all these items would help you in gaining weight.
    A regular exercise for a period of 40 minutes such as cycling, brisk walking would enhance your body metabolism and your digestion would remain in order.

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    It is common situation. Many factors contribute for such health like environment you are growing up, food you are daily eating and exercise or sports you play, your parents body structure. Ultimately your parents genes does play role for your body too. So if they both are slim then you will have tough fight to gain. But is not impossible.
    1. First thing is you have to play sport which will make you sweating. Or you can start workout in indoor or in gym.
    This will cause you to eat lot.
    2. Include fats, protein containing food in diet like eggs , fish , chicken. If you exercise then you will have proper distribution all intake into body otherwise only your belly will increase as belly is first point to absorb required food and transfer to other parts.

    Known person to me has increased weight from 52kg to 68kg in two months but his intake was high which was daily non vegetarian diet with high quantity. This can cause lot of pain to digest if you don't exercise and drink lot of water. It is not impossible to gain weight but to lose is highly impossible. So have exercise , eat healthy and high quantity daily and drink more water.
    There are lot of online plans available to follow daily routine to increase weight.

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    Gaining weight to the body is one of the kind of exercises also. Eating the content of more carbohydrate contents also will increase the weight mass in the body.

    Drinking a glass of Honey with cold water a day in the early morning in empty stomach will also increase the weight in the body. Apart from that eating fruits like water melon will increase the water content in the body. Eating an egg everyday raw will also increase strength as it contains high protein and fat content
    its advisable to take alternative days before doing some exercises physically.

    Drinking more water per day also will increase weight. If you are looking for the body to stay fit along with weight increasing its advisable to do exercises that has more weights adding some extra weight
    plates for twice a week, as this will increase the sleep long hours. Try to sleep in the afternoon so that weight will increase slowly.
    Eating rice along with curd also taking non vegetarian foods like meat, chicken and eggs also would have a effect in increasing masss in the body.
    Fruits like Bananas, potatoes, will also help in increasing the weight in the body naturally and slowly.
    Eating junk foods like chips, biscuits, ice creams , taking flavored milks, adding butter and ghee to the normal food would increase the weight in the body. Make sure some more workouts additionally that will also increase the weight in the body.

    Pizza, Burgers contains lots of cheese take atleast twice a week if you are looking for getting fatter quicker. Sweets made of milk and chocolates are also important in gaining weights.
    Make sure these are taken regularly in a fashioned manner when you are hungry
    watching movies, going out with friends.

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