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    How to keep my kitchen clean and tidy ?

    Searching for ways and means to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen? Find answers to all your queries on this Ask Expert page.

    Kitchen is a place where most of us spend 2-3 hours daily and sometimes more for our food needs. This is the place where we relentlessly try new recipes to quench the thirst of our taste buds. No doubt it is a place of great action but what happens when after completing the cooking everything turns into mess and looks like a robbed place.
    How to keep our kitchen clean and tidy is a question which comes in the mind of a bachelor as well as an experienced housewife?
    Though gadgets and cleaning systems are available plenty in the market but still lot of planning and meticulous working habits are required to keep the place neat and ordered.
    I invite our members views and opinion on this and hope it will eventually help us in keeping our daily working place in home neat and clean.
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    Yes, we should make our kitchen clean every time, we use the same for cooking. Any left over residue such as skin of potatoes, onions or the unused portion of the green vegetables may invite cockroaches and flies to roam over the floor - area of the kitchen. The following precautions are desirable to weed out this menace-
    1) As soon as we finish the cooking, the left over bottles containing the spices used for cooking should be firmly closed and so is the case with other food - stuffs- these should be stacked in a place assigned to it with enclosures.
    2) The kitchen area should be sweeped thoroughly and finally it should be washed with water containing Lizol or other similar disinfectants to expel the flies or mosquitos.
    3) Cockroaches may make entry in the kitchen through the Kitchen - pipes and they breed at a faster rate. If such a case exists plug the holes in night so that there entry is avoided. You may take the help of disinfectant specialist living in your area to make the kitchen free from the cockroaches.
    4) Make a habit to dispose off the wastes from the kitchen - buckets on regular basis.

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    In order to keep the kitchen clean try and adopt some of these tips.

    1. Everyday before cleaning the kitchen separate the dry garbage and food in separate bags.
    2. Spray the cockroach and repellent spray before going to sleep.
    3. Use the sink cleaner every week and clean the stuff that is choked in sink.
    4. Make sure the kitchen smells good every morning.
    5. Reduce the clutter in the kitchen. Stuff you don't need to make sure you either get rid of it or find better place.
    6. Clean the floor every time you finish the work in kitchen.
    7. Use lizol or dettol everyday on floor to remove bacteria from it.
    8. Use the broom stick early morning and clean the kitchen.
    9. Unused cooking material or appliances should be thrown or replaced.
    10. Make sure to clean the oily stuff stick at the top of the kitchen.

    Small things such as this are going to help you keep the kitchen clean. You may have to take help of maid or other people in such case to clean the stuff.

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    Cleanliness is next to Godliness. You can keep your kitchen clean in a systematic way. Make sure that whenever you cook something in the kitchen, then you must wash the container in which you have cooked the food as well as the plate or container in which you have consumed or served. Additionally, you must clear the stuffs that are spread near the gas stove because of your cooking. This will help you to get rid of a dirty kitchen having plenty of unwashed utensils and dirty floors. It is not necessary to wash floor with water every few hours, however once in a day or two days is enough especially if only you are using your kitchen.
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    When ever you get guests or visitors or even relatives, they first see the kitchen and get to know how you keep the home clean and the kitchen clean. Normally house wives would be taking care of cleaning the utensils, removing any garbage or filth inside the kitchen and above all once the items are ready, it must be arranged to the dining table and the food items should not be kept in kitchen. When ever fried items are made, it is better to switch on the exhaust fan so that the smoke and the oil residue get out of the kitchen , otherwise it will spoil the kitchen wall. Never allow utensils pile up inside the kitchen sink. Wash the utensils then and there itself without keeping pending. By pending we are inviting cockroaches and other insects to the kitchen sink and thus whole lots of problem would be faced like choking etc.
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    Clean as you cook, that is what I do, and it works well.
    1. Keep some rag pieces handy. You can either buy ready-made cotton kitchen napkins or use old tees, vests, cotton shirts etcetera. If you are using the latter, tear them into one-foot square pieces. Cotton material and hosiery work well as they are super absorbent and clean mess easily.
    2. Indian cooking requires a lot of frying of masalas which inadvertently splashes on the cooking gadget and on the tiles. Use kitchen rags to wipe off any spills or sprays that happen when cooking. You may use a damp cloth for a cleaner look.
    3. Spills and sprays should not be left to cake up; immediate cleaning is faster and more effective.
    4. Place a sheet of an old newspaper on the kitchen platform when peeling veggies or when rolling out chapattis. When done you just collect the peels and the paper and discard them.
    5. Avoid using damp or dirty hands to handle masala jars and other containers as that leaves ugly stains on them.
    6. Periodically, wipe containers that you use in your kitchen to remove all the grime that settles on them. You might need to use a soap solution to remove the oily muck, settled on surfaces in the kitchen if you don't clean them frequently.
    7. Once a month clean the kitchen chimney. Mr. Muscle works wonderfully – just spray on the liquid and wipe clean.
    8. Make sure you put back things immediately after use, this avoids clutter and the working area looks neat.
    9. If you don't have help at home and have to do your own washing then I suggest you wash the utensils as soon as you use them. Doing so avoids piling up of dirty utensils, cleaning is done in a jiffy and it doesn't seem like much work.
    10. Stash waste in a covered dustbin and arrange for it to be cleared daily.
    11. The dustbin should also be washed and kept clean.

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    There are already lot of expert comments. Just adding few more different.
    1. Use aluminum foil covering stove or gas and sides. This will make sure not to grease the stove if anything spills or by oil or food items.
    2. Post cooking , the smell of food stays inside house which can attract insects and bugs. Keep kitchen windows open sometime after cooking till smell goes away.
    3. Don't wear slipper inside kitchen. If you wear then keep dedicated one for only kitchen at kitchen entrance.

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    Kitchen is one of the basic necessity to make our family live with health and wealth. Treating kitchen should be the most important aspect of each and everybody's life, either as a bachelor or as a family. Keep kitchen clean and tidy is the for most of them willing to see the kitchen while there is a party at home or a function or wedding. Most of them in the developed countries their kitchen looks very neat than their houses. Cooking for few minutes makes them interest their work to do for their loving ones if they are individual cooking for dinner for their hubby.

    In a kitchen there will be Gas stove in India or an four burner gas stove in the developed countries.
    Everyday keep the kitchen clean and tidy by using the broom stick to clean the floor, and a soft cloth to clean the burner of the gas.
    What every you cook either vegetarian or non veterinarian clean after the use of the gas burners and keep the place neat and tidy.
    Clean the floor using a mop and disinfectant or use something scented that small good to keep the kitchen clean and scented.
    Every time meat, chicken, fish are cooked, make sure the vessels are cleaned up and the floor is also sweeped and moped well in order to avoid the smell of a cooked non vegetarian In developed countries most of them keep their kitchen clean it then and there after use. Most of the kitchen with a single table where the single individual or a couple spends dinner eating in the night time.
    Most of them mop the kitchen, use scented candle to have candle light dinner with their hubby and after eating their hubby too washes the plates and dishes sometimes to show their courtesy and understanding between them. Bachelors party also helps keep the kitchen clean some times.
    perfumed scents are also used in the kitchen to keep the kitchen fresh and clean all the time.
    oil spilling are also cleaned with soft cloth and also using the spray to remove the oil around the gas cooking stove.

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    Kitchen is one of the key areas of a home. Its cleanliness and hygiene has effect on the health of the residents.

    Kitchen becomes unclean and untidy from the following.
    1. Lack of ventilation. 2. Lack of proper drainage. 3.Retention of humidity and wetness. 4. Non-removal or accumulation of waste and garbage. 5. Clutter and lack of space due to improper organisation. 5.Pest and rodent infestation.

    The solutions or remedy for these are as below:
    1. Install an exhaust fan in kitchen in a suitable area above the oven/stove/cook range. Use it when cooking and cleaning is done.

    2. Ensure that the wash basin or sink in the kitchen has sufficient depth and gradient so that water does not spill or spray out when using the taps o cleaning vessels etc. Keep an extra filter or sieve to retain solid materials and remove and clean them periodically so that water drains easily always.
    3. Many areas and nooks and corners in the kitchen like the area behind shelves, stands etc. may retain humidity and wetness. That can cause fungus and emanate bad odour also. So clean them with dry cloth periodically or when you notice humidity.

    4. Kitchen is a place where waste and garbage are generated continuously. Keep dedicated bins to collect the waste and garbage. Segregate them properly and suitably for convenience of disposal. Do not keep waste and garbage overnight in kitchen. If not able to dispose then and there take them out and keep them outside area where it will not cause stuffy air.

    5. Do not allow clutter to form inside kitchen. Arrange and organise things periodically that space is used optimum and well allowing free movement and easy locating.

    6. Pests and insects feed on left over food. They also infest behind clutter and dark corners. Keep kitchen well lit. Move things and clean all nooks and corners and ceiling clean of webs and dust. Clean any spill immediately. Use pesticide sprays after cooking is over and food items removed to a safe place. (Do not use sprays when stove is on or some flame is there.)

    Generally do not allow laziness to take over. Clean cooking vessels or dining plates then and there. Once a habit is created, it will be easy and routine.

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    Women are better mangers than men. This is said because they plan their multi activities in the kitchen very nicely and serve food to everybody in time. There is a saying in Telugu. If you see the house you need not see the house wife. You can understand her by seeing the way in which she is keeping the house.

    First step to keep your kitchen in order is to have designated place for every item and make sure that you are putting back the same in its original place after use. Misplacing the items will cause lot of confusion.

    Make a point that all dishes filled with items are properly closed. Don't keep items open in refrigerator. All items will get the smell of this item.

    After completing the work, the cooking platform, the stove and the sink should cleaned properly.

    You should have separate dustbins for wet and dry waste.

    Morning and evening the kitchen should be broomed and swiped with a wet cloth. Use disinfectants as required.

    If one follows the above their kitchen will be always neat and clean.

    always confident

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