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    How to get the audio cassettes recorded into CDs

    Interested in converting audio casetted to CDs? Check out this page for methods of doing so.

    I am having a number of audio cassettes (old tape type) with religious and carnatic musics and songs. I do not want to part with them and hence I wish to have the same converted into CD format. There is a chance of the cassettes getting damaged and also there are no cassette players in the market.
    What is the way to get the audio cassettes converted or copied into CDs?
    Experts may please suggest.
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  • There are some equipments in the market that can convert the VHS to CD. There is also a device that can make use of the Cassette and convert into the CD. So this type of recording devices are plenty. If you don't find that anywhere then your best option is to find someone who is in the radio industry. They usually keep the equipment that can do that conversion. In many cities there are people who do the video recording at marriage halls or so. They keep such instruments. You may also need to find such device in the ebay. That may cost a bit but you can do the conversion of as many cassettes as you can. If you have limited set of cassettes then it would be a good option to get this done through the external person or the shop. The reason being such devices cost some money.

  • The best way to convert audio cassettes into CDs is to visit the stores who perform such kind of work. There are several devices in the market which can convert audio cassettes, VCRs tapes into CDs, DVDs. Such devices are costly enough to buy for a person who is not a professional user of this. So, you must visit your nearby electronic market where mobiles, radios, cameras are sold.

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  • Dear Sir,
    You have two option to convert audio cassettes to CD.

    1. Buy a device from market or ordered it form the online shopping sites like flipkart, amazon, etc. This device have port to insert cassettes and to record directly into CD or other portable device.

    2.You should visit a local store dealing with the CDs, VCR and old cassettes. This store normally offer the service to convert your favorite songs, recording in digital form.

    Now, Between these two option I would like to suggest you the second one. As It will get your work done without involving your time and will definitely save some money than first one. You need not to get technical knowledge to handle this device.

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  • Sri Ramachandran,
    I had this same problem some years back. That was the time when the tape recorder-cum-player started not working and there was no one to repair it. The CD s era had started. But I had a good stock of audio cassettes, collected since s the 80 s. I did not want to throw them.

    I enquired at a lot of places and at last I stuck upon the right product. I found a device PHILIPS CD SOUND MACHINE AZ1852. That device could play audio cassettes, audio CDs, USB, and FM radio.
    There is a facility to copy the audio cassettes songs to USB.

    So, though there was no direct transfer to CD, we can transfer to USB and then using computer etc we can record them in CDs.

    Though the FM developed some problem , we are still using it to play the audio cassettes and the old audio CDs.

    I think the appliance may still be available or its latest version may be available.
    Please enquire with Philips dealers.

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