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    How to check history record of type of print outs taken from a printer?

    Have a query about finding out the printouts taken from a printer? Find advice from experts on this page.

    At my workplace we have an HP Deskjet printer-cum-scanner-cum-photocopier. On 21st January I had installed new cartridges. Yesterday, on 28th January, the colour cartridge showed as empty. This was surprising, as generally the cartridges last for one month and a further couple of weeks before being needed to be replaced.
    Is there any way to check what printing activities were done so we could know if a lot of colour images were printed out or photocopied?
    Cartridges are after all very expensive & we would like to know how it got used up like that within barely one week!
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    You can't view the print history unless you specifically enabled it. So any past prints made by you are not logged. Youo may have to add this entry in the registry.

    1. Go to search in Windows.
    2. Type regedit.
    3. Open registry editor.
    4. Find the entry : HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Providers
    5. Change the value of EventLog to 7

    This setting will start to log the failed and successful print in log. And you can view the log to count the number of prints.

    Do note that your cartridge are spent based on the type of output is taken. For example, more colors in print, the more easier for cartridge to get empty. Less colors, more black and white prints, the money saving it can be done. So you may need to check that part.

    You can also install some of the printer applications to keep tab on number of prints taken. It will vary depending on your printer though. So you have to do some google search for such apps.

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    That was some nice information, Mahesh, which would definitely come in handy. A related query - where or how can we access the logs?

    The following information, though a bit off-topic, can come in handy for taking out the maximum number of printouts.

    The quantity of color ink is far too less as compared to the black one. So, it gets used up too early. Even if you are not taking out a color print, the color cartridge is constantly being used even in the black printouts. If the users do not need color printouts that frequently then the printer can be used to run on single cartridge mode (black) too. Just remove the used up cartridge (color, in this case) and print on single cartridge (black) mode. Keep a color cartridge in stock and load it when you need a color print. It can be removed after the use and can be reloaded when the need arises again. Just keep the partially used color cartridge in an air tight container such as a zip lock bag to avoid the blocking of ink holes.

    Secondly, never print directly from World Doc or any other format than a PDF format, the reason is explained in the #3 below. Try saving every file in PDF format.

    Thirdly, use Acrobat DC to take printouts. On the printing option page of Acrobat DC, there are two options towards the top center- a) print in gray scale & b) save ink toner, Just check both the boxes and you will be saving around 20 - 25% of the ink, hence making the black cartridge print more number of printouts. That is if you can do with a lighter printout and do not need jet black printouts, which normally is the case with everybody.

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    Step 1

    Press "Windows" to open Windows Start, type "Run" and then press "Enter." Delete any text that appears in the field next to "Open."

    Step 2

    Type "eventvwr.msc" into the field next to "Open" and then click the "OK" button to open Event Viewer.

    Step 3

    Select |"Applications and Services Logs"|"Microsoft"|"Windows"|"PrintService"|. The PrintService folder contains administrative and operational controls for print services in Windows.

    Step 4

    Right-click "Operational" and then select "Enable Log." This command enables logging of all future print jobs and can be viewed anytime by returning to the PrintService folder in the Event Viewer.

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    @Gypsy, The logs are stored in event viewer. You can access it from >Windows >Type eventvwr in search >Applications and Services Logs> Microsoft >Windows and then "printservice". Some printer companies offer window interface or log interface depending on the type of printer and version. Most of canon printers have that option.

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