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    Fake Aadhar card cancellation

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    I need to know about cancelling Aadhar card which was taken in another person's name, date of birth and place with out knowing the consequences by one uneducated poor person. I thought I need to help him and he feared police action for his mistake.
    That guy has taken Aadhar in Andhra Pradesh state but lives in Tamil Nadu. He gave his biometric details for his drunken paternal uncle name for getting some government help to his grand mother. His uncle was useless guy always roaming aimlessly. The guy who taken aadhar now cannot take aadhar in Tamil Nadu and have two kids and he can not get any government help now since every where aadhar details are asked for.
    He might have thought that aadhar is like adding name in ration card in other state or taking voter id in other state. Now he worrying. Can you provide suggestion for cancelling that fake aadhar and to take new aadhar originally?
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  • 1. There might be way to update Aadhar card information but not cancel it. Try contacting Unique Identification Authority of India by emailing to
    2. It will be good for to surrender your mistake as carelessness than suffering from its waiting. Check out your nearest center officer for getting things corrected
    3. It is recently said that Aadhar card can not be cancelled since it is attached to your biometric scan which authenticate only that owner to ask for update. His uncle might not get benefits as well since his biometric might be already present. On contrary you should give try for new card since your Biometric would not be present. Though there are other parameters also like Date of Birth and place of birth which can identify identity of person.
    4. His uncle and him needs to contact Aadhar center for correction individually. If nothing works than both have to go to court for getting old surrender and cancel for new one. Only court order can correct and make it way you want.

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  • The Aadhar card is a multipurpose card that is very advantageous to the citizens of India. It is not like a Voter ID card that solely serves the purpose of permitting the cardholder to participate in the electoral process, the idea behind the concept of Aadhar card was to create an unique identity and address proof altogether, so that it can be used for a huge variety of purposes, making it universally acceptable card issued by the Government, with no need to register or apply for a separate card for every other government service. for more visit here.

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