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    How to know that an egg is fully boiled?

    Puzzled about what is the maximum time required for an egg to be fully boiled? Get expert advice and tips to understand how to know when an egg is fully boiled.

    How to ensure that an egg is fully boiled? How much time does an egg take to get fully boiled? Should we count only the time or is there anything to understand it physically by a look? Note that I am using a Gas stove to cook.
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    Often it is the size of eggs decides how long you have to boil them. For example larger the egg, the more time it takes for boiling it. Also you have to look in between the time to see if they are properly made. Usually 12 minutes is the reasonable time it takes for any egg to boil. If you boil it for more than 15 minutes then it can often break out of shell.

    If the eggs are fresh then it becomes harder to peel them. Even after properly boiling they tend to stick with the shell. So less fresh eggs, easier it is to boil them.

    In ideal way, we should follow the time. However there are times when the egg gets cooked quickly. So I tend to avoid it. You can also look at the boiled water condition to decide if it is enough to boil the eggs. You'd get the idea if whether it requires more boiling temperature. You can adjust the heat accordingly.

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    Normally an egg takes 15 minutes for the completion of complete boiling of the same. There would be slight reduction of time if the container in which the egg is boiled is kept covered during the boiling process and also the same is carried out in the gas- oven. Timing will some whatever vary depending open the type of ovens.
    The surest way to know that the egg is completely boiled can be gauged by observing the cracked condition of shell of the eggs. Normally fresh eggs take somewhat less time as compared to the aged ones.

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    Normally 15 minutes to boil any egg but if we place any plate on the top of the container than it takes 10 minutes to boil.

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    Okay, Boiling egg is not a rocket science! Just drop some salt in water and keep the eggs inside and boil for 20 Min. 20 Min time is enough for it to be a right one to consume. Don't over cook or cook for less time as the bacteria if any will not be killed.

    Do take enough water to boil.

    Do consume it while it's hot and don't keep it for long as the bacteria if any will start making havoc.

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    You do not need to set the timer or need to watch the clock to boil eggs. Boiling eggs is easy. Here are simple techniques that I use to know when an egg is done.

    The size of the vessel should depend on the number of eggs you need to boil. The vessel shouldn't be too big if you are boiling just 1-2 eggs.

    Place the egg in the saucepan and pour enough water to cover it. The egg should be fully immersed in the water and the level of water should be roughly 5mm above the egg. You can add a 1/2 tsp of vinegar to the water at this juncture, as this prevents the eggs from cracking. The egg is good to use only if it remains sunk, if the egg floats, it needs to be thrown away, as it would be rotten. An egg that stands in the water, instead of lying on its sides would not be very fresh.

    Light the flame and set it on medium and place the saucepan on it to boil, The water will begin to boil within a couple of minutes. You can reduce the heat at this point, but ensure that the water continues to bubble.

    As time passes the calcium from the egg shells will dissolve in the water and you'll find the water become cloudy and the sides of the vessel forming a distinct watermark, from the calcium in the water. The water level will also reduce.

    There are two ways to know that the eggs are done –

    1. The eggs would be done when the water evaporates and the gap between the watermark in the vessel and the level of the water is about 3/4".
    2. The next way of telling that the eggs are done is by observing how much of the egg is submerged in the water. If the portion of the egg outside the water is approximately 1 ½" diameter the eggs would be boiled.

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