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    Good letter or email to fetch advertisement

    Wondering how to fetch ads for a website? On this page experts shall respond to your query.

    I have launched my own website in matrimony field and I wanted to put some ads on my portal. Could anybody tell me how to write a good letter/email to fetch advertisement? If you have any examples please post in reply?
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    I would like to bring to your notice of the author that by merely writing a introduction letter or sending e mails to companies or organizations does not fetch the ads. What I normally feel that web marketing is the great art and not all companies would be interested to put ads here. By the way now a days every company is promoting and popularizing their products through their own portals and free listing through social media. If your intake of matrimonial details are more and the page visits from the prospective customers are encouraging , create space for the Google team to put their ads and you will have the adsense tie up with them. That is easy.
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    You need a copywriter and good content writer. They can write such copy format and also they can point you towards the type of tone you have to set with advertisers. You have to be very particular with the price and other clause part, so the copywriters and content writers can set that tone.

    Apart from that my suggestion is to try two types of ads -

    1. FB Ads
    2. Google Adwords ads

    FB Ads are growing with large number lately. And they can make a lot of leads to you. Just make sure to experiment with right set of targeting options. And also make sure you are having a good copy on ads too. FB Ads are performing very good for many users.

    Google adwords ads are another option that you should try. This ad have less performance compared to FB Ads. As the targetting options are lot limited here. I'd say sometimes it is better to try if you have made some landing page for the website.

    Do make sure that your site has one landing page apart from the homepage. This landing page should have sign up or optin option.

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