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    Preparation methods for Board exams

    Searching for methods for preparing for Board exams? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am studying in Narayana Junior College. I don't have time to study for inter exams. Management has given only one month till Feb to prepare for Board exams. I don't know what to do about it and we have less time and more syllabus to study. I require some tips and tricks to prepare and to get 450+ in my Board exams. Can you provide guidance for exam preparation.
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  • You have had whole year for board exams preparation. Nowadays before starting of year summer classes covers all syllabus for major subjects. ultimately there is no quick trick but here is what you can do to get good score.
    1. Prepare plan for covering all subjects in 2 weeks. Each subject chapter except Math(Assuming your are student of science) can be thoroughly read in 2 hours.
    2. You will have to study more start from early morning which can cover more reading than in day time.
    3. Do not spend time for now on any of the outdoor time consuming activities.
    4. When you study note down important points of topic.
    5. Now going back to science subjects where you need to remember diagrams. After reading once each chapter spend 30 mins for diagrams practice of that chapter.
    6. For Mathematics read , understand and try to solve example question on own. You don't have time to solve homework questions now. At the end of chapter memorize formulae used to solve equation. After covering all chapters try to solve couple of homework equations for each chapter.
    7. Getting 50% score is easy by simply first solving easy questions in paper. Spend 2 hours daily for solve previous year question paper. Analyze how much score you are getting. Categorize area where you are weak and improve it by reading it more.
    8. Once 2 weeks schedule over. Make revision same way and till exam you will have 2 revisions. Now when you prepare just before paper you will be confident that you have already knew what has given in chapter. You can use your notes to quickly go through each chapter. Usually University try to give holiday for tough subject paper but we can not take chance and it is very difficult to read out all chapters of subject in one day ( consider only 15 hours) , in such situations your notes will play big role to quickly cover the topics.
    9. Key to get good score is during exam attempt all starting with easy ones first. Then do not fumble for decision on question or if you don't get what to write. In that situation , leave space or page and move to next question. Most student lose time in decision and spending too much timing in complex equations even though they are smart. That can cause to lose score by not attempting easy questions.
    10. Before exam make sure you are on time to center and calm. I have seen students forgets backup pen or some items. Depends on your paper , note to carry all items in your bag.

    All the best.

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  • 1. Practice writing for write fast in exam.
    2. Give youself enough time to study.
    3.Organize your body space.
    4.Use flow char and diagrams.
    5.practice on old exams
    6.Explain your answers to others.
    7.Organize study group with friends.
    8. Take regular breaks.
    9. Snack on brain food.
    10. plan your exam day.
    11. Drink plenty of water.

  • Make a time table for study.
    Give some relaxation to your mind.
    Go out side see the sky and gift of the nature.Get up early.
    Take nutritious food .
    Take sound sleep.
    Don't think too much.Don't give too much stress to your mind.

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  • There are certain points if followed religiously would help you in achieving impressive marks in the examination. The points are as follows-
    1) Don't refer to too many books of the same subjects since by doing the same, you will be surrounded with confusion.
    2) Stick to the text book prescribed for your examination and make it a point to go through the each and every page of the same. In case you come across any doubt relating to any point, clarify the same with an experienced teacher of the subject who can offer you right guidance.
    3) Try to solve the Sample - papers of the subjects and solve the question papers of at least seven years set for the previous years.
    4) If you are a student of science, maintain a diary enlisting the useful/ applicable formulaes for all the subjects such ch as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. You need to go through them time to time so that you may not forget the same in time.
    5) Make it a point to revise the chapters frequently so that your preparation is updated.
    6) Adhere to time management in the examination and in order that no question should escape without writing the answers, a proper tick - mark is to be given on each answer after the same has been attempted.
    7) Take care of your diet and you should avoid excess oily and spicy food during examination time. Include Almond and Walnuts in your breakfast for the enhanced concentration.
    8) Avoid unnecessary stress and try to have a sound sleep for eight hours during night.

  • This happens to all students! No one is actually prepared to write exam and never will you find that you have got enough time! Just be calm and focus on the reality that you need to prepare for your exam.

    List down the number of subjects and chapters you have got to cover. Plan your study time table equally dedicating to all subjects and try to cover the maximum and adhere to the schedule prepared by you. Do have enough sleep, proper food and small breaks in between to keep yourself interested and focused. Don't try to read when you are too sleepy as you will simply land up doing nothing (either you will be able to read nor to sleep). When your sleepy just sleep for some time and again start with your task. Don't keep worrying about other subjects or any other issues when you're reading a particular subject. Do revise previous years paper before starting to study the particular subject as that will help you plan the way you need to prepare.

    A very important thing to note is that you need not mug up anything! Just understand the concept and it will remain in your mind forever. During examination try to answer all you know and just don't keep wondering about the ones you don't know. Complete the known ones and get into the one which you're not prepared /aware of.

    Ensure you write neatly and do highlight / underline the important points so that your examiner notices them and give you appropriate marks.

  • Hi,
    In a month preparing for board exams and to score good is a really tough job indeed. Though I am trying to help you.
    First read the textbooks of your subjects thoroughly within a week. do not go for too many books rather stick to one authentic text book of a particular subject. It will save your time.
    Study the previous papers of each subject which will provide you an idea about the question pattern. now practise them by writing the answers in your own hand in a stipulated time period, like any mock exam. if possible correct the answer scripts with your teachers. It will help you a lot.
    for important mathematical formulas, write them on a chart paper and stick it on your wall where you can see it everyday, which will help you to memorise it.
    For the diagrams of science and other subjects try to draw them perfectly by free hand drawing. If possible try to practise at least 5 diagrams daily with proper pointing.
    and most important do not panic, try to keep yourself stress free. Eat healthy and light foods, not so much spicy food. Drink plenty of water, do free hand exercise or a walk either in evening or morning and at least 8 hours of a sleep is must. Best of Luck for your coming board exams.

  • Be positive to achieve and collect your time of availability for studying for the inter exam.

    Try and get the notes of the previous student who has scored well in the inter exam. There will be always some friend who might be able to help you with the collection of the senior's notes and the points marked in the book.
    Study them then and there when ever you have time in the early mornings. Try the easy way of jotting the points from the book and recollecting the points and able to grab them whenever its necessary.

    Get some help from the person who has already finished the exam and ask them for the best ideas to prepare for the exams. Get their notes understand them each and everything if doubted ask the same person who has written the notes. Also try to go with one subject book that will be good for the preparation of the exam first. Then if there is time you can try and browse the other books of the same subject. practice diagrams then and there, and label the parts. Redrawn the diagram until you get them thoroughly and so you won't forgot the diagram.

    Mathematics problem solving the best time is the early morning and can be done with the regular practice. Even though if you put maths first the rest of the subjects should also be covered equally after studying maths. Spend atleast one hour and thirty minutes on each subject daily, in this way it will boost your confidence level that you are covering all the subjects with equal weightage. Make revisions then and there as the time is little so that
    you do not have to put separate time for revision.
    Jot down the key points and always have it handy to remember them. Trying studying along with the group, so that ideas can be exchanged and answers can be remembered well. Do a little exercise physically inorder to keep you fit, that will also boost your brain of thoughts Give break atleast 45 minutes or 1 hour based on the subject of the interest.
    Look for the previous exams and model exams and try to solve then and there if the questions are repeated, give more importance for them to be solved first. Practice diagram and labeling the parts.
    In this way it can be a normal preparation Meditate well and try to remember the answers by mind and try to make a revision in a way this will keep you in track and makes you more comfortable to understand.
    Eating fruits and drinking water should also be there in order of the strain you are making for the preparation.
    Try and use the sticky notes and highlighter in order to remember the hard things and easy ones.
    Give rest on regular interval to sleep for atleast six to eight hours a day, that could rest your body and mind.

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