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    Sample/previous questions for written exam for Junior Assistant post in Courts

    Planning to apply for the post of Junior Assistant in a district Court? Check out here the type of questions that are generally asked for the written exam pertaining to this post.

    I have applied for Junior Assistant post in the District court Hyderabad. I am unaware about what sort of questions will be asked pertaining to Judiciary. I request you to kindly guide me and send me sample/ previous papers w.r.t judiciary. As I am a science graduate, I have no idea about the below syllabus. Kindly advice.

    The syllabus includes: Judiciary
    Hindu Marriage Act,
    Comprising of Indian Contract Act,
    Hindu Succession Act,
    Specific Relief Act,
    Limitation Act,
    Easements Act,
    Transfer of Property Act,
    Negotiable Instruments Act,
    Indian Penal Code,
    Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act,
    Indian Stamp Act,
    A.P. Land Encroachment Act,
    Registration Act,
    A.P. Buildings (Lease, Rent & Eviction) Control Act.
    Criminal Procedure Code,
    Comprising of Civil Procedure Code,
    Civil Rules of Practice and
    Evidence Act,
    Criminal Rules of Practice.
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    I provided a link in which you will find important question of Junior Assistant post in Courts. In link there are plenty of question regrading your topics.

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