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    About opening petrol pump station

    Planning to open a petrol pump? Find advice from experts here.

    Which are the best companies in petrol pump station? What is the process for obtaining license? Who can apply for license? How to make profit? How much time is required for registering the application and how to fill the form?
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    Opening Petrol pump is very challenging since first you need the money.
    Process ->
    First you will have to apply for petrol pump license to respective company of petrol provider. These companies usually put advertisement in newspapers as in form of tenders. If not then check online sites of oil companies and you will have to contact and apply.
    License -->
    It need to pre-qualify certain conditions like owning or leased land , fund in form of mutual fund, saving account or deposits, age and education proof. After that get the application form of oil company and send it along with required documents. Age requirement most companies have is 21 years completed.
    Profit -->
    Profit is in hard work and being punctual. Take petro delivery on time. Be honest in work.
    Mostly cases highway side petrol pump gets more profit.
    Try to have petrol pump near to restaurant so people gets rest and fill the petrol. Also advertise for restroom available. Most people choose to fill petrol where restroom is available to relax and get fresh.
    Companies -->
    Hindustan Petroleum
    Bharat Petroleum
    Indian Oil

    Process duration -->
    Usually takes 1-2 months but again there is no certain duration as it is not government process.

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