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    Doubts about computer networking

    Have some queries about computer networking? find answers to all your queries on this Ask Expert page.

    1. Round robin cpu scheduling algorithm for time sharing OS ?
    2. FCFS CPU is simplest algorithm, but this algorithm causes short process to wait for very long process always ?
    3. Valid IP address example and and is is a valid IP address ?
    4. Area covered by WiFi access point is hotspot of WAN ?
    5. TCP/IP is actually implemented & is not based on any model ?
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    All these questions have answered in famous author Tanenbaum's Computer network book. It is not easy to explain all the theory in here since each point of your question has separate full chapter explanation. Will you be more specific in question too?
    Question 3 is specific to Yes this is valid IP. This is class C network classification for IPv4 . Typically your home IP setup uses this range of IP address if you setup dynamic.
    Question 4 answer is also yes. WAN is devise used to setup your access point. So perimeter of WiFi access point is setup through WAN.
    Question 5 answer is TCP is layer 4 protocol of network. All layers of network setup is part of model to interface each other.

    For more details and answers of these question you can find in books of Computer Networking subject of IT or Computer engineering.

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    Please find my solutions inline for question 1 and 2 as others have been answered.
    1. Round robin CPU scheduling algorithm for time sharing OS?
    There is a time quantum that is decided. The process gets CPU for the allotted duration. After completion of the duration the other process executes. So in a nutshell every process gets CPU for fixed and equal duration.
    2. FCFS CPU is simplest algorithm, but this algorithm causes short process to wait for very long process always?
    Just imagine a situation where we have two processes which take time 1000 micro seconds and 1 micro second respectively to execute.
    In FCFS algorithm is applied the second process has to wait for 1000 micro seconds .If it would be a round robin algo it would have started executing in the 2nd micro second if time quantum was 1 micro second

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