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    What is the process of registration of a land or plot at registrar office?

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    I have to go for a registration of a plot in few months but am unknown about the process. The whole process is getting digitized and cashless. I would like to know the detailed process and the document required and the steps involved for the registration?
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    I presume you are going to buy a plot. I also presume that you have made the necessary pre requistes before finalising the buy decision.

    When a sale(and hence a buy) transaction occurs, the first formality is to enter into an agreement. The agreement need not be registered, but has to be made on a stamp paper of the requisite value(depending on the state ),generally it is 100 rupees stamp paper. The agreement gives the price of the sale/buy, the advance made if any, the last date by which the actual sale has to be made.
    Before the last date of the agreed sale date,(or a date mutually agreed upon if later) the sale deed is made. Till now this used to be done by only the approved document writers, whose office will be usually located near Registrar Office. (Certain states have now permitted the parties themselves to make the deed.) But if you are not experienced, it is better to take the help of an approved document writer or a lawyer. Their office staff will help us to go through all the needed formalities.
    The formalities are as follows.

    1.The sale deed is made on stamp paper of requisite value depending on the consideration or the sale price. Each state has their own rates for this.

    2. After properly executing the deed in the requisite value stamp paper bought in the name of the buyer, the same has to be submitted to the registrar's office.

    3. The concerned department will tell the fees and that has to be remitted. The receipt for this will form part of the deed document in some states. Some states the same may be recorded in the document itself.

    4. After scrutiny for fees, minimum fixed price and market value etc by the section officials, the executants are called to affix their thumb impression and photo electronically and the same is attached to the document.

    5. The executants are then called to present before the registrar or deputy registrar and again verified for genuineness. Then the deed goes for registration and an acknowledgement is given to the party(buyer).

    6. Registered documents are not given immediately as there are procedures further and income tax clearance above certain amount of transaction. In such cases t may take 3 weeks for getting back the registered documents.

    If there is any specification of threshold for cash transaction then amount beyond that should be made by Bank DD etc, and the same should be properly narrated in the sale deed and receipt fromthe seller should be obtained and kept with the deed.

    In the latest scenario of cashless transactions, the same may be prescribed by the registrar offices/state government and has to be complied.

    (If you do not know what are the preliminary papers and precaution in buying a plot, you may read the relevant subject in related questions in this section)

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