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    I want to change my platform, I have 3yrs experience in Sales and Marketing

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    I have done my B.Com Computers in 2015 and I am 27yrs old. I have 5yrs gap in my education and now I am working as a Marketing Executive in US staffing firm. I have 3yrs experience in Sales but I am not happy with what I learnt and what I am earning?
    My dream is to work in top IT companies as a Programmer/ Developer. Can you suggest me the best way to enter in IT companies? Will my gap affect my career? My Inter background is MPC (Maths, Physics, Chemistry). Can you suggest me the best courses and its details?
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  • Sine you have 3 years of experience in sales and also have 5 years gap in education, it is a little difficult to enter into reputed IT firm. But there are many IT companies and start up were you can definitely give a try and then jump on to other companies.
    To change domain as a programmer or developer
    1. First figure out on what you are interested in like have, .Net etc.
    2. Then do some course or certification from a reputed institute according to your interest were they will even have placement assistance.
    3. Share your resume among your friends and relatives seeking their reference in their company.
    4. Since you want to change your domain, you should be ready to compromise with your salary as freshers will have less salary compareitively.
    5. Upload your resume in various job portals like naukri, monster etc. And make sure you update your profile in job portals everyday as recruiters consider recent profiles only.
    6. Also upload your resume in companies website so that they consider your profile when suitable openings comes.

  • Thanks Sushma for your valuable suggestions, Small information needed As i am drawings are 30k now, As a fresher what can i expect and Please suggest me some courses which can get me a job in IT industry. Can i do Diploma or MCA where it shows good on my profile.

  • Most of the freshers draw the salary around 10K onwards in small scale companies. If you do get placed in MNC companies like TCS, Wipro and others, you'd draw around 22K onwards.

    Gap does affect the career. And most of the HR pay a lot of attention on even one month of gap. So you have to make sure that you have valid reason and something to fill up for this gap. You can give some genuine reasons if possible. Or you can put the education as filler in the resume. This way you won't have to worry about the gap in the career.

    Some of the courses that can help you are -

    1. Software testing in manual testing or automation testing.
    2. Java programming - either Java EE or Android.
    3. PHP programming.
    4. Ruby and Python. Lot of companies hiring for this.

    I think these are some of the options that you have if you wish to work in the IT field. There is also data science field that can be helpful but you move away from IT exposure and move in data mining and stats domain.

  • Since you are already in the job of sales and have acquired an experience of three years and still you want to change your profession in the IT job, the initial phase would be somewhat difficult and a little bit confusing for you.
    As regards to your gap which you have indicated would not matter much provided you could satisfy the employers in the domain in which you have procured certification such as Oracle, Java, Software testing etc. You need to have sound concept in that particular language apart from an excellent presentation skill. So you must go in the certifications for any one of the following modules-
    1) Java - programming
    2) Net - working
    3) Software - testing
    4) Oracle
    If you attain proficiency in any of the same, it would be easier for to make an entry, However, at the initial stage you have to compromise with a meagre scale but depending upon your performance, you would recover your past losses.
    Once you get a job in the software - industry, you may acquire MCA through distance education mode and in that way, there would be dislocation of the existing job.

  • Yes its possible to change the platform from the sales and Marketing to the IT field. Its best to prepare for the SAP certification (Sales, Marketing and ABAP) in the Modules you are interested and in the field you are working Sales or Marketing domain.
    If you start as fresh in the IT industry, the salary package will be very low if you are opting as a programmer or trainee. Else if you are looking for the IT Enabled services like Call centre its also the same starting as a fresher in the same IT field. Its possible to get more package in the field of understand of IT in sales and Marketing where your education counts, experience counts. Later on its possible to catch the career ladder very easily in the Middle Management of the company in IT field itself.
    This takes a short time for the preparation of the certification and also for understanding will be very easy for you since there is three plus experience in the Sales and Marketing. The pay for the SAP employee is more when Compared to a normal IT starter trainee.

    Apart from these there are C,C++, VC++ programming in the Windows, Unix, Linux environment.Also if taking Java programmer as a carrier its also important to have experience in the field, else it will be starter package only. Computer Graphics like Maya, Autocad, Adobe products understanding and working requires time for training and understanding and searching for the suitable position through career websites like Freshers world, Monsters, Naukri, Times jobs.
    In the field of experience with IT knowledge and SAP certification its possible to look for a job in the IT industry with best package.

  • Computer background and 3 years sales and marketing experience is sufficient for switching to better pastures.
    Only thing is you have to keep a track of various openings in private companies by going through newspapers and online job portals.
    Please remember that our hard work and preparations do not end with our education. In fact during the career we require lot of efforts for our sustained growth.
    If you have a desire to work hard and can continuously and persistently dedicate your time for career making there is no reason why you will not achieve your goal.

    Knowledge is power.

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