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    Can you suggest name for my new house

    Searching for a good name for a new house? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I have constructed a new house at Basavakalyan, Bidar district. My date of birth is 14.02.1978 and the birth place in Bangalore.
    I want keep the name of house on my father's name. Can you suggest a good name?
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    Naming a house is as thrilling as naming a new born. The name of the house signifies in one or two words the people who live there.
    As you are particular for a family name specially linked to you father I have some suggestion to make -
    1. Pitashri.
    2. Pitra Prem.
    3. Pita ki Kripa.
    4. Pitra Prakash.
    Some other ones you can consider -
    - Biradari.
    - Deep Kunj.
    - Nikunj.
    - Subh Villa.

    Best of luck.

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    Kindly reveal your father name so that right name can be suggested by me. By the way it is good attitude on your part to name the home after your father. Please add the name Ashirwadh after your father name and that would be the befitting name which can be cherished. And one more suggestion , since you have purchased the home at the famous religious town, it would be even better if Basavappa name has mention in your new home. I want your home be called as Basava Kuteer, or Basappa Nilayam and anything similar to that. But again it is left to your conscience and family priority.
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    You name your house as;
    Father's name Cottage
    Pita Prasad
    Father's name Pratik
    First mention your father's name and join words like Prem,Ashirvad,Nikunj,Alaya.

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    You can have following options to be added with your father's name-
    1. Father's name + Nilay
    2. Father's name + Bhuavan
    3. Father's name + Puram
    4. Father's name + Aavas
    5. Father's name + Kutir
    6. Father's name + Niketan
    7. Father's name + Nivas
    8. Father's name + Aayatan
    All these words are beautiful synonyms of Home.
    Other options can be Aashiyana, Aashirvaad Bhawan, Prem-Kutir and Anand (Happiness) Nivas.


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    First of all Congratulations for your new Home. Its the only Heaven in Earth. Here are my suggestions:

    You can try names such as:

    1. [Father's Name] Villa
    2. [Father's Name] Cottage
    3. [Father's Name] Kutumbh
    4. [Father's Name] Residence
    5. [Father's Name]'s Dwell

    Best of Luck.

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    Here are a few memorable names that can be clubbed with yours father's name. Suggested names are as follows-
    1) Father'name+ Kunj
    2)Father's name + Alay
    3) Father's name+ Awas
    4) Father' name+ Niwas
    5) Father's name+ Dham
    6) Father's name + Bhavan
    Best wishes from my side.

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    Gubbachhi Goodu
    Ammana Ashirvada
    Namma Mane

    You can just name it "Appa" (i guess u r a kannadiga)

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    Father is always seen as the head of the family. Similarly god surya is alos seen as the head of the planetary system and the universe. God Surya is the King of all the planets and is responsible for controlling all their movements. Like-wise a father is also expected to control and mould the family. So an ideal name could be Ravi or Surya villa.

    A similar thought could be related to the supreme almighty Lord Shiva. Shiva represents power and control. He is considered as a head of all gods. According to Hindu Mythology as well, we consider Shiva as the supreme entity and similar is for our father as well in any religion and family. So my second option would be Shiv Sadan

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    Here are some names of houses as per your requirement:

    1.Aavaas = Home

    2.Rochi = Light

    3.Sannidhi = holy place, temple

    4.Yahvi = Heaven, Earth

    5.Ronak = brightness, radiance

    6.Vrishab = Excellent

    7.Rohana = sandalwood

    8.Aastha = faith

    9.Nabanipa = A new flower

    10.Bhuvi = Heaven

    11.Mithila = Sita devi's birth place

    12.Illam = Home

    13.Iyla = Moonlight

    14.Idha = Insight

    15.Iha = Wish

    16.Ihita = Desire

    17.Advaitham-Non duality

    18.Nirvana-Free from personal soul from the physical world

    19.Niranjanam-Pure,free from falsehood

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    First of all Congo for your new house.
    If u wanna give a name in English then
    U can give like

    Daddy's den
    Daddy's Shadow

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    Congratulation for your new house. My suggestion is

    Your favourite God name + Subhiksham /Niwas/Vilas/IIIam/Bhavan/Gruham

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    First of all congratulation for your new house .I suggest the name "Kaliveedu" .I think this is really nice for your house .And i would like to share one helpful thing for everyone.If you are planning for a build a home use the anti slip floor coating for your kitchens ,bathrooms etc.Now a day the slip fall accidents are increasing day by day. The children's and old age peoples are the main one who facing these problem.So use the anti slip flooring technique for the protection of your loved ones.

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    the best name could be possible for your home are
    1. father name+niwas
    2. mother name+kutir
    3. father & mother name+villa
    4. mother name+bhawan
    5. father name+bhawan

    i suggested two another name that are comman but very popular and that are
    1. laxmi niwas
    2. bhagwati bhawan

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    Following are some of the points I would like to say
    • The name of the house may be decided by the place where it is and the occasion on which it was built.
    • You can even keep the name of house in name of your beloved grandfather/grandmother.
    • Name can be prefixed or suffixed by the name of tree near it .

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    Good to hear that you want to keep after your father's name. But it would be easier if you reveal the name of your father. By the way, it would be much better to keep after your grandparent's name. Your father might also be happy to see that

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    It would be better if you reveal your father's name.

    You can use the first letter in the names of both your father and mother and add Bhavan, Nivas, Villa, Cottage, House, Mandir etc to it. Or just simply your dad's name and add Bhavan, Nivas, Vihas, Villa, Cottage, House etc to it.

    Other suggestions are:

    Dad's Paradise
    Dad's Dream
    Daddy Love
    Family Tree

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