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    Change in date on birth certificate

    Wondering how to change the date of birth on the birth certificate? Find advice from experts on this page.

    My son's actual birth date is 5 Jan 2017 but by mistake it is written by doctor as 6 Jan 2017. Now the birth certificate is made on date 6 Jan 2017. Can I change to 5 Jan 2017.
    What is the procedure for it? How can I change the date on birth certificate? I am worried.
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    Yes it is possible to change the date of birth certificate as this has happened only in last month. Take the copy of hospital discharge sheet along with hospital details of child birth time and date and that would facilitate correcting the mistake already made. If you delay then the old records would be sent to head office and the Municipal authorities may not help you. Immediately visit your ward office with all the details of your child and also the certificate which was already issued. Surely the authorities would oblige and issue new birth certificate which has become mandatory for child school admission later.
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    You can submit the letter with request for correction of Birth Date in Birth Certificate. For this, you need to visit the Municipality office where you have got the birth certificate and submit the request letter with other supporting documents like hospital discharge papers, etc. They may charge you some reasonable fee for correction and generating another document but take receipt once you submit the letter and fee.
    This receipt will help you to follow up in future if you will not get the corrected Birth Certificate on time.
    It usually takes 2-3 days only.


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    The municipal officers said that it's not possible to change in date .I requested him to tell me any kind of possibility,he told me to get a letter from doctor and give it to us,we will forward it to the head office.if they suggest us to correct then we will rectify the problem.

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    There are two things to note here. You can get the hospital records. Then both can be used for the correction of the birth date and time. In some cases you may have to notarized few documents too. For example, if you get the letter from doctor and also notarized document saying your original date of birth is verified by XYZ person. And then in such case it'd be required for the municipal authority to change the birth date. You need to also ask them what needs to be done in order for this date to be corrected.

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    Yes, first of all the point of origin of the birth certificate is doctor's certificate. Since the doctor has inadvertently entered the wrong date you have got to get it corrected. Even if the doctor does not agree readily you can establish it through the hospital records. All the details such as date of admission of mother, birth time, date, gender and all other relevant information will definitely be present in the records of the neonatal department.
    Once corrected by the hospital you can proceed to the 'birth certificate issue office' and get the date corrected.

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    Yes, the correction can be made by approaching the Hospital where your wife was admitted for delivery and the birth - time is also recorded in a Register maintained in their Labour - room where in you may get the details of your wife and the birth time of your baby.
    You need to draw the attention of the Hospital- administration regarding the anamoly and the the Birth - certificate containing error will be placed before the concerned - doctor for the correction - purpose and a fresh certificate would be issued to you in lieu of the wrong one.

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