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    Query regarding pay scale

    Have a query about pay protection in government job? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    Currently I am working as a medical officer with 6600 grade pay in govt service with 6 yrs experience. I have applied for a post of medical officer in central govt. where I have a chance to stay in hometown. The application was given through proper channel. But the grade pay of the post is 5400. When I applied for the post my grade pay was also 5400, but now it's 6600.
    What will be my grade pay if I join for the new post through proper channel. Will my service and seniority be counted for the new service?
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    Very Important Question in our career life. There are two aspect of your question which I found as you mention both government services.

    1. If you are applying in departmental job vacancy you will definitely get higher grade than existing grade.

    2. If you are applying for other government medical officer post. You will get the grade as per the notification of the job post nothing more than that even if you have experience and higher grade.

    So my suggestion to you that to have detail analysis of the notification regarding pay scale and its offer for the experience candidate.

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    It's not exactly clear from your question whether you are trying to move from a state government post to a central government or from a central to central government job. If as per the notification you have to acquire an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the current department then perhaps your experience will be counted for absorption in the new central government department. In that case you will have to apply for a 'Technical Resignation' to your current department. It's my own view that you should get a higher grade pay and your seniority should also be maintained and previous service weightage may also be given. But all this is subject to the acceptance of your technical resignstion. However DOPT guidelines in this regard must be consulted to reach a conclusion.

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    I have applied for the new post by UPSC and they have asked experience certificate from my office. What is pay protection? Is there no provision for me to get 6600 grade pay in my new service, counting my experience?

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    As per my knowledge, the Grade pay of Rs. 5400/- is advertised in announcement notification, then That is to be followed. If you have the relevant experience then you may get the same or a increased pay depending upon their norms.
    As you have mentioned that you are asked to submit your experience certificate, it shows that they have provision to consider the same for offering higher salary.


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    They have asked to serve experience certificate to confirm your experience claim by you. They may not offer you the higher grade on this certificate. I would like to suggest to get in touch with the concern authority to confirm over pay protection and counting of experience.
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    Yes my dear friend. I have answers to your queries. First to start with your second question, since your have applied for the post through proper channel and also the notification from UPSC, your seniority will definitely be counted for all purposes except for seniority in new department (which counts for promotions in their department). Regarding your first question i.e. Protection of Pay, your pay will be fixed under Rule 15(a) of FRSR Part.I. That means your running pay in the payband will not be disturbed. However, Grade Pay will be fixed at Rs.5400 only. For further clarification you may please refer DOPT OM No. F.No. 13/9/2009-Estt(Pay-I) Dt.21.10.09.

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    @GeeKay sir,
    Where to refer the DOpt

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    And also whether again I have to complete 4yrs in the new service to reach the grade pay of 6600?

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    Sir/Madam, that OM you can download either from DOPT website or straight away you can google it the OM No. so that you can get it. Otherwise if you want i can email it if you provide me your id. Regarding grade pay of 6600 on completion of 4 years, that depends on the rules and regulations of the department for which you are applying.

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    I have gone through the question very minutely. First and foremost, some of the previous answers are not (fully) factually correct. My responses are as follows:-

    (a) You have indicated Grade Pay of the two posts. The concept of Grade Pay has become obsolete after implementation of VIIth Central Pay Commission (CPC).
    (b) If you have applied for the new post through proper channel and if both the posts (your present position and the post against which you are going to be appointed, if selected) come under Central Government, then you will get pay protection.
    (c) Now, what is pay protection? It means that in case of your selection and joining the new position, your basic pay will remain same (i.e., you will draw the same basic pay which you are currently drawing).
    (d) However, although your basic pay will be protected in your new post, after one year (of joining new position), you will draw increment at lower rate (commensurate with the lower scale in which you will work).
    (e) If you have applied for the new post through proper channel, if both the posts (your present position and the post against which you are going to be appointed, if selected) come under Central Government and if your technical resignation is accepted by your present office, then your previous experience will be counted for the purpose of pension and other pensionary benefits and for the purpose of applying for Government accommodation.

    You are welcome to seek further clarifications, if necessary.

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    I partly agree with Partha Sir. Though the Grade Pay system is obsolete in 7th CPC, till such time the rules and regulations are formed each and every department of the central government with the approval of DOPT, all the recruitments are to be carried out w.r.t. Grade Pay of 6th CPC only. Even in 7th CPC pay matrix also, Levels are referred w.r.t. Grade Pay system only.

    Further in the present case also, Ganga has applied to the post of 5400 Grade Pay only as Partha sir and myself clarified your pay drawing at the time of your relief for joining the new post, will be protected i.e. the same pay in the pay band will be fixed. But the grade pay would be 5400 only. that means accordingly your pay will be fixed in 7th cpc i.e. Level 10 of pay matrix.

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