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    What to do after completion of Engineering degree?

    Confused of opting between CAT and GATE to continue further study after B Tech. Check out here few suggestions from our experts.

    I am confused of choosing between GATE and CAT.I want to know which exam has more importance and the opportunities available.since it is necessary to start preparation for the exam I need to make my choice now and focus completely on my goal.I was thinking to do M Tech in Civil engineering or to get MBA degree.
    Hopes I will be clarified by your answer.
    _thank you
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  • In fact, persuasion of any course should be done as per willingness and inclination of an aspirants and as such there is no question of confusion for your further perusal of your studies for any specialised branches. Going through the benefits of each course, you cannot at arrive at which one is better. By clearing CAT, you can land into a job relating to management and by opting for IIM for the persuasion of the Management - course, you will secure your future with a high profile job thus attaining both prestige and huge income from the top fortune companies. So going ahead in that direction would be your own choice.
    Securing a high percentile in the GATE score, will widen your future prospects to carry out M. Tech from a distinguished institutions like IIT or from any regional college. If you're interested for a job in the public - undertaking as a management trainee, you will be preferred as a result of your high GATE scoring and some organisation offers additional two increments in the wake of achievement of M.Tech degree.
    Hence before you take any admission for the two said courses, a serious consideration from your end is required.

  • Specialization always adds to the quality. If engineering is your passion then pursuing higher education in the subject is the top recommendation. With focused knowledge into the subject you would definitely by enhancing your career in engineering field and would be able to contribute quite better in your industry. On national Level, one of the criteria is to qualify GATE exam and based on your score you can apply in IIT, NIT or other universities and colleges. Fields for Mtech can be categorized as- Research, Academics, Development, Engineering Equipment.

  • From your question it is not cleared to me why are you in a such dilemma? The mentioned courses are for two different fields. GATE is the gate way for admission for any masters course of technical degree in our country. Now a days there are several companies who offers jobs on the basis of GATE score. So, if you have a passion for engineering field you can go for it. After doing Mtech you can go to teaching field or research field.
    Whereas CAT is meant for the candidates who are seeking admission to do MBA from the leading B schools in our country. If you want to go in management field then you can go for MBA.
    Again I must say you first decide in which field you you want to go for? Which is your first love? Because if you want to excel in a particular field first you have to love it most, as per my opinion. And now the choice is your's. Best of Luck for your coming future.

  • I don't think there is any scope of confusion in this regard. If you want to undertake higher study in any specialised branch of Engineering, you have to appear in GATE, get the scholarship and study M.E/M.Tech. If you want to opt for Management study, you have to appear in CAT (for admission in IIMs) or in other Management Entrance tests.

    There is absolutely no scope of confusion. The choice is yours, depending upon your inclination.

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  • While reading about this year's CAT result I came to know that all the 20 toppers i.e. 100 percentiles, were engineers. This is not only indicative of the growing trend of engineers opting for MBA but also suggests that an MBA with Engineering makes a good combination for a prosperous career.
    But this does not mean that every engineer should opt for MBA. It depends on the person who is to decide. If you are interested in becoming a specialist Civil Technocrat then you should definitely go for GATE or GRE for MTech or MS.
    Now, something about the opportunities. As a specialist civil engineer you will be valued for your technical ability and get to work in the core engineering division of companies. If you study further you may find a high paid job in teaching line. Engineering lecturers and professors get highly esteemed jobs in countries like USA, UK, Canada etc. As an MBA you may land a job in investment banking or as a business analyst etc. It will depend on whether you specialized in marketing or finance or others.

  • I think you have to find out where is your inclination is and based on that you have to approach each exam. For example let's say you want to study abroad then giving CAT does not sound reasonable. In such case you'd rather give GATE. And then get Mtech and then prepare for abroad job. If you give CAT and go for MBA then the direction of the exam will be different. You may have to look at that part before approach either side. I mean what is your interest into. You may be good technically and in such case you have to approach for that. Again, the amount of effort you do will get you the right direction.

  • The selection of course for your masters degree should be carefully done considering various factors and the most important among them is your interest.
    M.Tech and MBA are 2 different fields and one should decide about his/ her own capability while selecting any of them.
    You have done your B.Tech, so you must be aware of the technicalities related to your field and if still you want to be within your field, go for M.Tech. There are many good job options in future with good salary scales for deserving candidates.
    On another side, if you want to learn about marketing in technical field, it could be a good option for those having caliber of doing traveling.
    Another option which I want to suggest from my side is to go for M.Tech at this point of time. This will give you expertise in your own field and then you will be able to get a job in the same. At later stage of your career, you will be able to pursue MBA any time if you feel the requirement.
    But pursuing M.Tech after a break or along with your job will not be possible. So, you can think about it.


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  • Its good you are thinking about your Higher studies. Most of them who already studied or studying final year Engineering degree gets the same sort of question thinking about their future. The important aspect as far as now is your Engineering degree with good scores. Doing a GATE exam will be helpful to obtain admission to the higher education institutions from IIT, Anna University, or the institutions you like, even in abroad its also easy to obtain admission for higher education in M.Tech in the field of interest of yours with the GATE examinations.

    If you first get admitted in the M.Tech after your Under graduation degree with good scores in both Under graduate and Post Graduate its possible to get through the campus interview with a good job. In the mean time while you are on the job with experience more than two years and also writing the CAT simultaneously for the Management would be a great opportunity with good package and you might have secure two masters level degrees. One specialised in the Field of your undergraduate and then in the Management of the same field you have worked with experience and earning package. If the additional degree like M.B.A gets added the designation along with the package goes high than the Undergraduate and post graduate degrees. Its better to go for the M.Tech along with the GATE exam which might reduce you fees if its a higher grade of institutions with campus interview after education. In mean time there are other things apart from the academic education. The industrial educational certificates are also more important along with the academic educations. So learn and know more, is a good option for the your U.G and P.G.

  • Academic degrees are the foundation stones for ones career. Let us go back in time to understand the relation between an academic degree and the career. During 1950s there was the time in India when a high school educated person was able to get a clerical or assistant job in a office only based on that qualification. Technical diplomas and certificates were almost an unknown thing and the specialized manpower was a distant dream.
    What happened with time is known to every one and with the mushrooming of educational institutions and technical colleges and universities the situation became topsy-turvy and as per demand and supply position the job opportunities started decreasing day by day.
    Today we are at the crossroads. One side we have enormous force of qualified as well highly qualified persons and at the other hand we have few jobs on the anvil.
    What an engineering graduate has to do under such an scenario is the question which has baffled many minds but every day there is a sun rise and if you are determined and focussed you will definitely succeed in making your career a brighter one.
    GATE and CAT are the usual choices and going for them is a good choice to test oneself where one stands score wise.
    There are various openings for engineering graduates in public and private sectors where they are inducted as trainee officers and are absorbed in regular stream after successful completion of the training.
    Dear friend there is no substitutes for hard work. One of the most important thing is that one should not feel shy in joining even a small job in the beginning of the career because it will give you a life time experience which otherwise you will not be able to get even in a multinational. Learning and getting experience is the key word and switching from one job to another is the ladder to greener pastures.
    Opportunities are plenty but competition is also very high specially for the mediocre.
    One must remember that it is most of the mediocre people only who are at the top of the various organizations and business entities today. The reason is obvious - the cream of the academic batches is absorbed as campus recruitment and they are put in a comfortable and high position and remain there for a good time as for them better options will be delayed due to their already acquired status.
    One must also be very cautious in considering what is his aptitude and interest other wise the purpose of whole of the exercise will go waste.
    There are a number of industries in private sector looking for fresh graduates for a short time period to reduce their overheads and salaries. As an temporary measure there is no harm in joining them.
    The essence is choose among the available what suits to your taste and temperament and then try to excel there with a renewed vigour and hard working and keep your eye on the topmost coveted level.
    There are instances where people performing excellent during academy years become mediocre when it comes to practical career life while the mediocre during education stage become highly motivated and hard working during the job cycle and become very successful and reach the highest level in the organizations.

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  • This totally depends upon you. If you want to go in research or academic line you should go for GATE, where you can do M.Tech and Phd. If you want to go for industry line to become a techno-commercial person you should go for CAT.

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