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    How to format corrupted/protected SD card?

    Want to format a SD card which is either protected or formatted? Check out this page for solution to all your queries.

    I have a SD card and it not allowing to write any data into it and it is not allowing to delete the data which is previously written on it.

    How to format my SD card safely and restore it to normal condition where I can write and delete the data in it?
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    First we will try to repair our SD card using the command prompt in Windows.

    Open command prompt in windows by typing "cmd" if you are on windows 7, Got to
    Start,Run and type "cmd"
    run command prompt cmd as an administrator

    In the command prompt window, type "Diskpart" press enter and click on "yes" on the Task window

    Type "List Disk"

    Type "Select disk #" and press enter. where # is the number of your SD card. if you want to be sure
    of the SD card number, check the size listed right to each to confirm.

    Type in "clean" on the next line and then hit enter. If your Diskpart encounter an error at this point then we have to format the memory card so for that follow the steps :
    Type in cmd "create partition primary" and then hit enter. you should get a message
    like this "Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition"

    Type in "Active" then press enter. again type in select partition 1"

    Now type " format fs=fat32. now wait while your disk is being formatted.
    your drive should now be clean and new.

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    Usually windows operating system if don't recognize external SD card it prompts to format it. Other way is to use any electronic equipment which formats SD card. E.g. DSLR camera or Video recording Hand camera.
    Most important on any SD card there is lock and unlock symbol to perform action for read and write. Make sure you have unlocked the SD card before formatting it.

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    If your computer detects the memory card but you are not able to open it, then there is a possibility that we can repair it.
    Just follow the following steps:
    1. Open the Control Panel.
    2. Then open the Administrative Tools.
    3. Now open Computer Management from next menu.
    4. Click on Storage option.
    5. Select Disk Management.
    You will now see the list of disks. Usually removable drive is shown as Disk1.
    6. Now right click on it and select format option.
    7. Now change the volume label as desired and select file system type as FAT32 and click OK.
    You are done.


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    When windows don't recognize the boot sector of the SD card which is protected, it will ask you for the format. And this process thee protected card loses it;s data. You can follow the process in order to set the SD card for for detection and reuse.

    1. Insert the SD Card.
    2. Windows will prompt you for the format of the SD card.
    3. Choose the format option like NTFS or FAT. Choose FAT if you want to use it on Linux and old OS.
    4. Let the windows format the card.

    The same process can be done through various other tools such as disk management, format pro software etc. So depending on which tool you use, the process is going to change respectively. After successful formatting, it'd prompt the message. And now you can access the SD card normally.

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