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    How to remove white vertical lines appearing in Dell laptop window screen.

    Have a query about vertical lines of laptop screen? Find resolution to all your queries on this page.

    How to remove vertical lines appearing at the right side of laptop window screen which are increasing from right to left side?
    If I want to change the display screen of Dell Inspiron N5030 than what is the price of display screen and which shopping site is trustable to buy screen?
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  • If you can attach photo how it looks like then it will be more clear to provide solution. Still this is very known problem and if you can easily fix it home if you have tools to open screen screws. There are lot of YouTube videos to fix vertical lines problem in laptops. Still if you prefer not to touch then better to visit any Laptop repairing center and they can fix it. If you want to change display screen of this Laptop then it is not required at all spending money for new screen as this can be repaired.
    In general Amazon and flipkart are reliable to buy computer accessories. But still it is better to visit and but from neighbor computer stores.

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  • Avi can we solved it or not?

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    please review the post if someone knows how to remove the lines which are appear in windows screen.

  • Here are some of the steps that you can take to repair the vertical lines on your laptop screen.

    1. Shutdown the computer and remove plug.
    2. Also remove the battery of laptop.
    3. Attach HDMI PIN with external TV or screen to the laptop and boot up the computer.
    4. Confirm if the lines are not visible on external screen.
    5. If the lines are visible with the new screen then this problem seems to be due to hardware specifically motherboard.
    6. If the lines don't appear on external screen, then your display seems to be having issues.

    You have to take the laptop to the Dell service center. And they can fix this issue for around 1000 Rs of fixing. In some cases, you may have to also check if this is specific to motherboard inverter connection issue. If it is then you may have to spend extra money for the same.

  • Most of the LCD screen has the same problem as this one.

    Check these before replacing the screen
    Does the vertical line appear in BIOS screen. If yes restart the computer and keep pressing F2 on the Dell Logo.
    Then after that restart the computer and also check whether the same vertical line appears in the safe mode . To go to the safe mode restart the computer and press F8 on Dell Logo, then select safe mode.

    If possible run the diagnostics on the computer, for that restart the computer by holding the D key + power button, wait till the LCD test completes.

    If the results are good it will fix it.
    Take it to the Dell service station and the technical team will be able to tell either the screen should be replaced or not.

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