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    Kindly explain what is pro-biotic 'dahi'. Why is it more costly?

    Want to know what is pro biotic dahi? Wondering why it is costly? Find suggestions from experts here.

    Yesterday I went to a local shop to purchase 'dahi' (curd). As the normal 'dahi' which I generally purchase was not available at that point of time, the shop-keeper sold me a 'pro-biotic 'dahi' container. The said 'dahi' is 30% costlier than the 'dahi' which I normally purchase.

    I would like to know about this pro-biotic 'dahi'. How is it different from normal 'dahi'? Why is it more costly? How is it more beneficial for health?

    Experts may kindly provide elaborate reply.
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  • Probiotics are specific bacteria that are thought to help regulate the digestive system by managing certain gastrointestinal conditions like diarrhea, constipation, or inflammatory bowel disease. Pro-biotic dahi contains these good bacterias therefore ,it is costlier.

  • Pro-biotics are particular specific beneficial bacteria grown under conditioned and monitored environment in certain food items. These bacteria is supposed or known to be helpful and beneficial to the human body. Pro-biotic 'Dahi' is most common in our markets. It is believed that consumption of pro-biotic curd is good and beneficial o the stomach and other digestive system in our body.
    Personally I do not find it any better that the home made curd. It appears to me more a marketing and business strategy.

  • Regular dahi and Pro biotic dahi are made up of bacteria. And both are organic in nature. Only difference between the regular dahi and biotic dahi being the bacteria being preserved. The bacteria in the dahi that you get is going to be healthy. And they don't cause the digestion issue. Often the dahi if kept for longer turns into sour taste and may affect stomach. However the pro biotic dahi being organic and pure bacteria preserved in it. It does not affect your stomach. It costs 10-20 RS more than the regular curd. Also it's impact on the body are not tested for long time period. So most of the benefits as of now sound like marketing gimmick. As there is very less amount of research is being done on the used bacteria.

  • hi, partha
    Probiotics are microorganisms that provide many benefits.It was invented by Elie metchnikoff. It is produced from many bacteria some of it is called
    1. Lactobacillus acidophilus,
    2. Lactobacillus brevis.
    These bacteria are good for health. It is used for good digestion and also it absorb nutrition. It present in the intestine.
    L. acidophilus is mostly used for the health of small intestine.
    L. brevis is used for the synthesizing vitamin D and K.

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