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    Wanted to know if following stocks have any growth expected?

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    I have been struggling to see if I can get any principal income from my investment. Following shares sitting in portfolio since long time. Please advise what to do with them.
    Providing you their buy price and the current price. Quantity is average but from purchase price you can imagine that I am in big loss. Appreciate your advise.

    Stock name - purchase price - current price
    HDIL -231.73 - 69.85
    TODWRI - 17.80 - 2.50
    BIRYAM -2.83 -0.09
    PUNLLO -109.13 - 22.00
    SANCO -0.37 -0.05
    BAMSEC -0.70 - 0.26
    TATTE -13.08 - 6.60
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  • These stocks have very below average growth horizon. I don't think your investment would get any return out of them. You should consult with the broker for these stocks. If I were you, I'd not keep them. If you have checked the company data. I don't think there is much to say about these companies. I'd advise you to avoid these stocks and instead move the money to better stocks. Avoid such penny level stocks with low or no growth margin. You'd not be in better place with these stocks.

  • Most of the stocks mentioned by you are penny stocks. Very few analysts monitor penny stocks. To invest in penny stocks is really a dangerous game. I think this is a sure-shot way to financial bankruptcy. Only HDIL (among the given stocks) is not a penny stock, but the stock has not been performing well for last two years or so. It may take at least one cycle (of 3 years duration) to turn around. But even then, you will not get much profit out of it considering your high entry-level price.

    I would advise you to sell all stocks (except HDIL) immediately, book the loss and invest the amount in a good large-cap equity fund and stay invested for a long time. At the same time, you must promise yourself not to invest in penny stocks in future, for the sake of your own future.

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  • Does it make sense to average them by buying more , make it same price as it is now and sell them?

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  • I don't think that this stock growth to be expected. After selling not much more gains return on your investment. I recommend you to sell all stocks which buyer requires which are well known companies products on the basis of understanding the consumer needs and wants. Sell only the valuable companies products by which you can earn profit.

  • Stock HDIL -231.73 - 69.85 is a good stock and will boom within a year.

    PUNLLO -109.13 - 22.00 The Quarterly result is not well this time . Most of them seems be buying and selling if you have it its better to average the share when the price goes low.

    Penny stocks have to fundamentally strong and should be out of the debt and their face value has to checked with their current price in order to keep them.

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    I am in much loss to bear pain of penny stocks. I am seeing those stocks still live in market. What is course of action from SEBI for investors for such stocks if they declare bank corrupt or doomed to continue further?

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