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    Topics of GD for cabin crew in air India

    Wants to know good topics for Group Discussion for cabin crew interview in Air India. have a glance look here to know from our experts.

    I have an interview for the post of cabin crew in air India on 15th, as I am fresher to this field I am unaware of many things. And there is a section called Group Discussion.
    Can you please help me with some topics of GD for air India so that I can prepare for it. And also can you give me some tips before attending this interview.
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    There could any kind of topics on current affairs or International news. Giving you some I can think of.
    1. Is Indian Women empowered?
    2. Husband and wife have equal responsibility?
    3.Indian politics impact common man?
    4.can you live without commercial entertainment?

    There would be GD, reading of paragraph in Hindi and English, Situation based act, one to one talk about yourself or describe yourself. Cabin crew position is very important and need soft voice and precious smile. So always smile and positive while answering.

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    Topics regarding the profession one is to compete for, are the most likely topics. Some suggestions are as below:
    1. Safety measures to counter technical flaws in aviation.
    2. The period for on-the-job training for cabin crew should be increased.
    3. Cabin crew job versus a career in ground control or air traffic control.
    4. Perks in aviation industry are not satisfactory.
    5. How can the deteriorating performance of Air India be improved?
    6. Frequent government intervention influencing flight fares are not desirable.
    7. Factors influencing the financial viability of a flight company.
    8. Cabin crew training in martial arts given the probability of terrorist attacks.
    9. Cabin crew leisure hours should be increased.
    10. Excellence in R&D in the field of aviation in India is still a far cry.

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    Cabin crews are expected to use their own mind while involved in discussions. They should be prepared in any form discussions where they should exercise their own intelligence and tact in the group discussion. You may go through the following tips in order to enhance your representation - skill. The points are noted as follows-
    1) You should maintain patience and be cool minded while proceeding in the discussion.
    2) Avoid long sentences and repeatation of the same thing is to be avoided.
    3) Don't interrupt other members while they are engaged in the discussion. You would get your time to contradict the views of the members but you should be courteous while placing your views.
    4) You should maintain your smiling face in course of Group - discussion.
    5) Never hesitate in representation of your ideas.
    6) Your dress must be simple but attractive. Avoid costly outfits.

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    Other Members have suggested many useful topics. My suggested topics are:-

    (a) What would be the future of Aviation industry in India in another 10 years?
    (b) How to handle unruly passengers during a flight?
    (c) How can a working lady maintain balance between family responsibility and professional commitments?
    (d) Mutual respect between pilots and cabin cre
    (e) Job security for cabin crews in India
    (f) How to de-stress after jet lag and irregular working hours?
    (g) How to handle terrified passengers during emergencies?

    Interview tips:-
    (a) Have adequate knowledge about the organisation and aviation industry.
    (b) Dress should be simple and should be reflective of professional commistment.
    (c) You should speak clearly and distinctly. Don't speak to fast.
    (d) Vice moulation is extremely necessary.
    (e) Your sitting posture and standing posture should reflect your confience.
    (f) In GD, you must make your presence felt by logical arguments.
    (g) While entering the interview room, you must wish the members appropriately. While leaving, wish them again.
    (h) If you don't the answer of a particular question, say it clearly. Don't beat around the bush.
    (i) Last but not the least, have faith in God.

    Best wishes!

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