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    Age limit for a woman to join the Indian national cricket team

    Eager to join India's national cricket team? Learn from this Ask Expert page the age limitation for a girl to join the women's national cricket team.

    I am 18 and I want to join the Indian cricket team. So what is the age limitations for a woman to join the Indian cricket team? Can I join the team after age 18 or more?
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    There is no age-limitation for joining Indian cricket team (men's or women's). I know that Diana Eduljee played international cricket for India well above 40.

    However, the author may clearly state whether she wants to join junior or sub-junior cricket team, or not. In those cases, there is age-limit. For junior level, the age-limit is 19 years.

    I hope the author would elaborate her quetion.

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    Someone told me that I can't join cricket after 18.

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    Madam, don't you know that Tendulkar played cricket even after 40. Many players play cricket even after 35. But there is some cache. Most probably your friend has talked about sub-junior level cricket.

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    Age rules are same to women just like men. In case of men, there is one player named pravin tambe who is playing cricket at the age of 45 in IPL. In case of Pakistan, the players are into cricket team even after their age in 40s and onwards.

    So the issue is mostly at the point where selector committee is impressed with performance or not. That's where most of the men and women are getting rejected. If you are getting rejected by specific academy or team. Then in such case the best option is for you to switch the team or academy. That's what most of the players do be it women or men.

    You can get into over 19 team. And that should not be a problem. Only thing for most of the cases that matters is the performance. Also the selection committee needs to notice the efforts.

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