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    Google adsense account of my blog is disapproved.

    Have a query about google adsense account approval? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Blog google adsense account is disapproved.
    What should I do now? Why did they disapprove my application?
    How to reapprove adsense account? How to resubmit application to google adsense for approval?
    Can we make new gmail account for resubmitting an application?
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    Google adsense for Indian publishers work a bit differently than rest of the other publishers around the world. For example usually following criteria is being used. In no specific way.

    1. Blog must be on top level domain like (.com or .net) and should not be on subdomain.
    2. Blog must be hosted for around 6 months.
    3. Blog should have enough content to serve the ads. Usually 10 or more articles are required.
    4. Blog should not violate Google adsense terms and conditions.
    5. Blog should have no shady SEO implementation.

    These are some of the basic criteria. You may find that the updated set of criteria on their help pages. I'd suggest you to get a domain name, have some decent content for about 10 pages or so. And then after 1 year of activity, you can reapply again. This should give you enough points on your side to get the approval. Avoid creating new gmail and applying the same blog. As that won't help much.

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    If you have a blog (either custom domain or free domain) and if it has enough quality contents with regular contributions beside your profile detail then Google will consider your AdSense application to review and approve it. The rejection or approval of the AdSense application not only happening to Indians but it applies to all other countries' citizen as well. The only criteria to get its approval is to satisfy their requirement (Reviewers / Google) which applicant mainly unaware of their parameters or lack of it.

    You can try to use this platform to get AdSense account approval by following its guideline. If you want to get its approval from your blog then you need to follow few basic steps and check-lists before applying for. The blog must be more than 3-6 months old, it has to be many original, quality and unique posts including regular contribution. The blogger must be active contributors and not violated any AdSense policies including copyright violation etc. It is better to have Blogger's brief profile with photo. The blogger must be above 18 years old and the blog must have disclaimer etc. It is better to have YouTube account as well.

    The content of the blog must be indexed in the search engine like an organic traffic way. It shall not have much artificial traffic and on. In case everything is perfect on a blog and still getting rejection from Google then still nothing to worry about it and you may re-apply after few months gap. There are people who got AdSense account approval after several attempts. So, you can if you change and match according to their criteria and parameters matching.

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    Since you are already member of indiastudychannel start posting articles and different content in different section. You can use this platform as your contribution for approval of AdSense. But now if you used different site then you have make sure your content is unique and getting good ranking.
    Mostly by this time you might be aware about requirements of getting AdSense approval. Thing is how do get unique visits and how to post unique content. For that you need to have good watching and grasping of surrounding that things you do and have to think in perspective of people if any information can help them.
    Just take that information as topic and post in your blog. More posting more raking for your post when people search it. Track your visits and after atleast 50 posts attempt for approval.

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    Google Adsense account is disapprove because of the following reasons:

    1. New Blog: A new blog is more likely to get rejected by Adsense team.
    2. Less than 10 contents: If you've less than 10 contents with less than 800 words, Adsense will disapprove.
    3. Plagiarism: Copying articles at your site that has already been published elsewhere by another author will also get a rejection.
    4. Pages: A page is the most important thing Adsense consider.

    Create a page for: About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms of Services page. If these pages are missing, Google Adsense will difinitely reject your application.

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