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    How to make a career in Volleyball coaching

    Do you want to launch your career in Volleyball coaching? Are you planning to run a non-profit volleyball academy? Check out here the guidance from experts to go on this career path.

    I am a big sports fan. I have played volleyball for my school at the district level. I still play volleyball and cricket. I want to pursue a career in volleyball coaching and further, I would like to start a non-profit making volleyball academy to train children. Will I need any specific qualification for the same?

    Please guide me how to go about it.
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    There are plenty of academies out there that can get you as a coach or mentor. Your age will only restrict you if there are state or city level tournament that limits the same and if you are participating as a player. Otherwise it should not cause any form of issues. Most of the people in the volleyball are into it without any specific age restriction.

    Some kids parents may ask if you have any qualification. But there should not be any such issue if your academy is private. Non profit academy usually don't have much scrutiny. If you can bring professional players to guide the students once in a while then that can be added plus.

    For coach or trainer, I suggest pick some kids around and start your own academy. For weekend or summer camp batches, you can take this as a full time career. I am sure this way you can find atleast the approach to get into the volleyball career where you can teach others.

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    Thank you very much.. I am still confused, how do I start..?

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    I think the best place to start is by looking out for other academies and coaches who are training. Learn how they do it by practicing under them. Or even discuss with them over coffee. And you can learn from them. Though it would take some time for you to understand what goes with coaching basics and stuff. But you have to just learn as you go. You are going to make mistakes. So start with kids batch at first and then add more age group as you get comfortable.

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    The best way would be to discuss your interest with your friends and colleagues so that you may get certain inputs in relation to volleyball - coaching and in that way you would come across the requirements of the region where you are living.
    The other way to proceed in the field would be to have communication with the Principal of the Schools of your locality and in course of discussion apprise of your planning such as coaching of students in Volley - ball as per their convenient timings. You need not ask for a pretty remuneration initially but with your dedication and the way how you are managing your job would be the crucial factor to decide your pay.
    You may form a group of candidates of similar age group and arouse their interests in the Volley - ball with your persuasive skill and later you would get success as a coach in the Volley - ball.

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