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    Benefits and advantanges of audit trainee jobs

    Do you want to know about the various benefits or advantages of an audit trainee job? Do you want to make your career as an accountant later? Check out this Ask Expert page to learn more.

    I have completed my B.Com degree. I got a job offer to work as a audit trainee. If I go for it, I will be paid only Rs. 2000 in the beginning. I did not get any accounts related jobs because of lack of experience. So if I accept and go for the audit trainee job how it will be helpful for me for my future career in this field? If I accept this job is there any possibilities or chances in future for getting an accountant job?
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    I think you should get some experience as audit trainee. The reason being this job too has it's benefit. Because in some MNC this same job offers around 22k or more. Depending on the company, this can be good too. So I think you should do this job and have some experience in resume. You'd be glad that you have some experience than no experience. Also as for keeping account job, that too will come in due time. But atleast you got into the company and got one job. Now to get this accounts job, you have to prepare yourself accordingly. This should take some time but it will come to you eventually.

    Do note that once you have some experience with audit job. You can also apply for part time and freelance audit jobs too. The pay would be definitely bigger than what you have. But for this to happen you need to get some experience. I think you should take this job and do this for atleast 1 year. And in between keep preparing for the account job. This should take you one step closer to your accounts job.

    keep finding the part time position for the account job. And if that experience gets added to resume, you'll get full time position too.

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    At the initial stage a remuneration of Rs 2000 per month for the Audit - trainee appears to be a meagre amount, however once you are exposed to the environment and acquire experience in this area for at least a year, your employability for the similar jobs would widen.
    Hence, you should accept this assignment without fail. Auditing of any firm included book - keeping and maintenance of Balance - sheet of each year signifying the financial health of the company. The firm is supposed to be transparent in its transaction and it should follow the standard procedures in maintaining its record.
    Your continuation for the similar job would provide you very invaluable sight helpful for the remuneration - surge in the upcoming time when you would remain for the look - out for the similar jobs.

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