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    How to increase concentration levels for studying

    Having difficulty in focusing on your studies? Get expert tips and valuable advice on how to concentrate on studying and not get distracted.

    I am a maladaptive daydreamer. I failed in 2 subjects in the board exam only and only because of this. I did a lot of research on myself and have finally been able to know my mental problem. Now my exam is coming in 2 months. I m alone in the home for the whole day with WiFi available. I must pass exam this time but I don't know how to concentrate on my studies. Any advice will be very helpful. Hoping for suggestions.Thank you.
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    From the content it is very clear that you are spending more time on other matters and not concentrating on the studies. If you fail in exam there is no position in the home or the relations. They down look you and that would be embarrassing. You know still two months are there for exams and being alone at the home there is good advantage to make sincere studies so that good marks can be obtained in the ensuing exams. For God sake forget the cell phone or computer for two months. Your friends can also understand your busy on exams and they wont disturb you. You have to brace up yourself now.
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    It's common nowadays. I can't concentrate too sometimes. It's impossible to pay full attention anyhow. What you can do is- set time for stuffs. Make yourself a timetable so that you can enjoy and study at the same time. Else meditate when you get distracted.
    This should allow you to focus.

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    In order to fulfil any task, time - allocation and passion to achieve e same is important and so is the case with your Board examination. This examination bears important in the sense that you cannot achieve the success of other important examinations without having passed this one. You may use your present time in the following way in order to get success-
    1) Please go through the question papers of previous seven years in order to be familiar with the existing pattern of the examination.
    2) Go through the text books of each and every subjects thoroughly and the entire contents should be understood thoroughly.
    3) In relation to Mathematics, daily practice is required otherwise, you may forget some important formulaes in order to work out any problem.
    4) For the Literature papers such your Mother- toung and English, you need to practice Grammar and with a little practice, decent marks in this area can be obtained. Go through the English News - paper daily including its editorials so that it will strengthen your confidence.
    5) Make a note - book for each subject where in you may enlist the main points of each chapters. This will help you in further revisions of the subjects.
    6) If possible, involve in discussion with your colleagues relating to the subjects and in that way, you may strengthen your knowledge.
    7) Take enough sleep for at least for eight hours and avoid spicy foods during examination time. Drinking a glass of warm milk followed by a tea- spoon of honey would produce sound sleep and you may feel fresh when you wake up in the next morning.
    8) Adhere to light excercises such as Morning - walk, Cycling etc for half an hour daily to enhance your metabolism.

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    1. Pay attention : You cannot take in information unless you are paying attention, and you cannot memorize information unless you are taking it in. Get enough food and sleep, and avoid distractions such as a background radio or television.
    2. Involve as many senses as possible : For example, if you are sitting in a lecture, you will remember more of what is being said if you listen and scribble down a few notes. Or if you are reading a letter or an article, you will remember more of what is written if you read it aloud to yourself.
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    3. Understand information : Try to understand more complex material before you try to remember it. If possible, summarize the material in your own words and write or type out your summary. Reorganize the material or your summary of the material so that it is easier to remember. By manipulating the information in this way, you are forcing yourself to think about it actively.
    4. Stay focus : stay focus on study don't think about anyting at the time of study only focus about the topic you want to learn.

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    Focus requires better habits. You have to change some of the habits in order for you to get better at concentration level. Here are some of the things that you can do to improve your focus.

    1. Meditation. One of the effective part about meditation is that it makes you focus on the present. And if you get into habit of meditation then your focus improves a lot.

    2. Positive thinking. As much as environment around you is turned into negative stuff. You have to focus on doing and hoping for positive things in life. Positive thinking has lot to do with focus. Negative thinking affects your focus and positive thinking is more likely to put you into that.

    3. Reading Habit: Get into habit of reading 500 words a day. And that too without distraction. Avoid social networking and you'd do better in this habit. Reading habit has lot to do with your focus. Read anything under 500 words every day. And your focus will improve.

    4. Write. Make a habit of writing 500 words everyday. It could be something you that will set you in much comfortable position when it comes to facing exams. So make this habit and stick with it.

    5. Gratitude. The habit of gratitude helps with the memory. And this habit is shown to help students the most. So get into the habit of gratitude. You should definitely consider this habit.

    You have to change a lot of our existing habits into positive ones as explained here.

    Your habit change alone will result into your focus being improved and mind being calm. So you should consider improving your habits and also studying on the topics where you need focus more.

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    Maladaptive daydreaming is the state of excessive fantasy, the same as brown study. A person gets so engaged with an imaginary thought that she/ he is unable to concentrate on the real achievements and targets. The best things that I can suggest for you are as below:

    • To begin with, set very short targets for yourself. For example, "I shall complete this half-page topic within 20 minutes." After the scheduled period is over, take stock of your performance. Even if you have grasped 20-30% of the topic, you are moving. In the next step, increase the length of the task as well as the time period and see whether you are able to perform better. Try to improve on this and you will soon be getting off from daydreaming.

    • Always think of what you achieved in reality. Praise yourself only for the real achievements and vow to get more and more real success.

    • It is better to write something in respect of what you study everyday. Writing needs you to think and consequently you concentrate more.

    • Link up your thoughts in a sequence. For instance, while reading a topic, think about the implication of the present sentence and also how is it connected to the previous sentences. Linking up thoughts helps you to discard stray thoughts.

    • Lastly, it's a matter of practice. As you go on improving, things will become smoother.

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    You need not inflate your problems and worry much about that.

    Failing in two subjects happens to many students. The interesting irony here is that you know what your problem is. It is lack of concentration. Hence the solutions easy, if you want and have the will.
    But instead of taking remedial action, you spent more time in 'investigating' your problem. That only helped you waste some more time.

    Please believe that you are just normal.

    Why you lack concentration is because you keep alone in the 'company' of WiFi. Limit your company with WiFi. Spend that saved time with friend and relatives in direct personal contact. You may also engage in some participative activities whether active or passive like playing, taking stroll in a garden, apartment common space or visiting temple or library etc. That will make your mind refreshed. Then come back, wash your face and sit for studying. You will get more concentration.

    The second way to get better concentration is to select a time like morning to study the boring and weak subjects. Then when you start feeling bored, discontinue it, take a glass of water, tea or coffee or lemon juice, stroll up and down the room for a few minutes. You will feel refreshed, come back to study.
    The third method is to divide the study matter into small parts and finish one part at one time by repeatedly reading loud and writing if needed.

    Earmark specific time slots for each activity like watching TV, moving out, taking main meals, reading and studying. Try to stick to that schedule with will.

    Inculcate positive bend of mind. Tell yourself that 'I can do, I will do'. There is nothing that cannot be achieved by sincere efforts and focused hard work.

    Best Wishes.

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    For concentrating,You should first make a time table.After making time table you break up your subject wise syllabus into days .A lot the time for each lesson for its completion. On that period only concentrate at the lesson.Don't think
    other things.It will help you able to learn the lesson.

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    To concentrate on study while studying you have to focus on the topic you learn.if you solve mathematics related question than it is bettar that no one came into the room so taken any seperate room when any no any noise happens because if you disturb between solving a math question than we left some calculations and cannot concentrate on it.
    if you want to learn and reading theory related subject than after reading the topic write on the notebook.keep away the mobile from you while studying.
    another methods to concentrate on study is finding a calm area like such as study room,library ,or even an empty room try to find a place where no distraction are present.
    Having pens,books even a bottle of water or a snake close to you,on your desk,will avoid you to waste time to reach them if they were far from you.

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    1. Remove wifi connection from home and give device to your parents. Do similar for cellphone.
    2. It is very common of day dreaming when you alone. Better to join study center. So you will remain motivated while others are studying. Nowadays there are many study centers in cities with minimum monthly fees.
    3. In night time if study center is not there then call your friends for study in your home. Make sure your have studious buddies.
    4. Whenever you feel you are getting distracted by thinking something else just take a 5 mins break and continue again.
    5. Talking with family solves many problems and gets motivation.
    6. If there is fast track coaching for revision of subjects then please do join.
    7. Stop your extra activities of movies, sports and watching TV. If you want to spend good time then have walk outside meet friends and after some chat come back to study.

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    Studying is a kind of art where you have to learn things after teaching in the school, you need to read and write, understand and be able to reproduce the contents either in the classwork or to help a friend regarding the particular subject. Focus more on the school subjects and try to avoid using the tab, mobile or computer that does not fetch proper education during the board exams.
    Yes its possible to avoid being an excessive daydreaming in a particular activity. Talk to friends and parents inorder to avoid those bothering academic and vocational functioning.
    Wake up early in the Morning and start reading one of the subject your like in the form of book, and should be alble to do the Listening, reading, writing and speaking either with the help of your friend or your parent, teacher.

    Either Ask for a home tuition teacher or find a tuition center near your home who should be able to make you
    interest in those two subjects in the morning and evening.
    Focus more on text book instead of the computer,tab, or mobile phones. Since these create a lot of diversion in all the ways nowadays for most of the children.

    Read the subject one by one ,read and write and practice well the questions given at the back of each unit.Practice Maths with the help of a teacher and keep practicing them and get corrected then and there inorder to understand you can do the subjects.
    First read to understand, then try to reproduce either by studying loudly and then writing it on note, this gives your proper understanding of the subjects. Rewrite without seeing those subject then you are strength and weakness in the subject will be revealed and the teacher will be able to understand what mistake you are making and correcting them then and there.

    Take regular breaks, have small walks inside your house or garden in order to increase the concentration.
    Do some sort of physical exercise in order not to get concentrated too much on one activity. Do some
    physical works like keeping the books neat, and cleaning your room, this gives a diversification and
    gives multiple responsibility instead of focusing on one activity.

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    Concentration is more important while studying. The pressure and tension would be more during the time of preparation for examination and the student should be cool and quiet so that whatever he/she reads would be understood properly and gets into the memory. Following certain techniques to improve concentration in studies won't help and it is our psychological weakness that some techniques would help in to improve it.

    A student needs to devise a formula for self that is suitable for his studies for an effective concentration and memory of what he/she has read. Generally, getting up early in the morning and reading for two to three hours would give a peaceful understanding of the subject as the early hours are not much noisy and give you a moment of calm and cool atmosphere. Early to go to bed and early to rise is a formula that was used by our elders and it is a test proven method for good concentration in studies. Make a note of important points such as mathematical formulae and theorems for a better memory and read them regularly. Lack of motivation leads to monotony and lethargy to any subject and one should be confident of himself/herself of doing good in any subject. Take some break during long study hours and just relax by watching good TV programmes or any other areas of interest. One must be stress free and should not be thinking of the examination with burden and tense.


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    If you have a strong desire that you should clear your subjects, automatically you will get interest. Every day morning you make a target for the day. You start the day with a goal that I should complete this portion today. Initially you fix low targets and see that the target is achieved. Don't sit in a place where lot of outside disturbances will be there. Keep cool and calm. Don't think anything about the exam or what to do after the exams.. Once you start this practice your concentration will improve. " If there is a will, there is a way". So keep your will strong you will find a way.

    Don't indulge in late night studies and watching late night movies. It is advisable to go to bed by 10.00 PM and get up by 4.00 AM. Early morning your mind will be fresh, no outside disturbances. It will help you to increase your concentration.

    Understand the subject while reading rather than making it by-heart. If any doubts you have, try to get them cleared by your teachers.
    This method will give you lot of concentration and wish you all the best.

    always confident

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