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    How to avoid pus formation in breast

    Searching for a remedy for pus formation? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Recently I have done I&D in breast and would like to know how much time will it take to heal. since it is almost 3 weeks and still there is discharge of pus. Also let me know what food should I take so that it heals faster and what food should I avoid for quick recovery?
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    Incision and Drainage of pus from the breast helps to relieve of the pain and swelling. Pus formation can be due to multiple reasons. In lactating women, the pus formation could be due to stagnation of the milk in the breast. If the breast tissue suffer an injury due to compression or chest fall, tissues get damaged.
    Since the breast is a sensitive organ, with rich nerve and blood supply, pus formation may take longer time than tissue at other parts of the body.
    Your doctor will usually drain, and fill the drained area with a medicine soaked gauze bandage to promote granulation and healing of the tissue. Healing should usually happen in 3 to 6 weeks' time. This depends on the how deep was the wound and how intense was the pus formation.
    In food, eat more protein rich diet. Protein is required for rebuilding of the cells and thus make a normal structure. Reduce on high carbs as this can lead to slowing of the digestion process. You can also increase on butters and cheese as fat tissue is also required for proper formation of the breast tissue.

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    Pus - formation in the breast signifies a wound and once the wound occurs brain becomes active to send excess of WBC in the affected area. The pain depends upon the severity of the wound. Here the doctor takes two pronged strategies the first one being administration of antibiotics to arrest the progression of the wound and second a periodical cleaning of the pus on alternate days by means of incesion and allowing the drainage of the accumulated pus would lead to speedy recovery of the wound. Though, the process is itself painful but doing the same repeatedly for a couple of days, there would be tremendous improvement of the health of the breast.
    A few steps would be required to be followed-
    1) If you are taking milk during the course of treatment, you may avoid the same since the effect of some of antibiotics get nullified because of milk.
    2) Avoid excess oily and spicy foods during treatment.
    3) Intake of Protiens such as Egg- White, Curd, Chicken etc would enable the body - system to form new cells in lieu of the damaged ones'.

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