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    Which is better platform: or

    Searching for comparison of and Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I am using blogger to write blogs and posts. Now I want to earn some money from my blogs. For this I have an approved google adsense account and affiliated with many websites. I have purchased domain name from godaddy and mapped it with blogger. I want to know which provides more feature blogger or wordpress. ? Or both wordpress and blogger are same?
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    WordPress is bettar than blogspot because WordPress powers 27.3% of all online as full online as of january 2017. 75 million people and brands have chosen to use it. All these companies use WordPress to create a broad range of beautiful and impressive sites. From large business websites to personal blogs. It's for everyone.
    Blogger only powers 1.1% of the web. It's a simple platform that's easy to use, but it just doesn't cut it with regards to flexibility and customization of running a site, and the innovation and upgrades of the platform itself.There are tens of thousands of blog design themes created by hundreds of thousands of people and developers in the active community. Most of them are free for you to use to make a great looking site in minutes.

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    wordpress is bettar than blogger because wordpress has good feature compared to blogger like worpress is the framework behind many of the website,responsive design,SEO, social sharing features,multiple page styles,plenty of widgets and theme customization.
    In short, WordPress gives you more power and you can customize it according to your needs.
    Also if you compare WordPress vs Blogger SEO( search engine optimization) then WordPress offers way more SEO advantages.

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    For a beginner who does not have much knowledge about details of starting a blog or web site, it is better to start with

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    If you want to earn money from blog then is the only good choice for you. The reason being does not allow running your own ads. You can't even use the affiliate links on your blog on If you try to violate these terms they are going to delete your blog. So in such case your best option for blogging is blogger. Another reason is that moving blog to self hosted blog is not hard either. However it takes a lot of time for that method. But in between you can earn some money in the process though. That's something you have to watch out.

    I'd say stick with blogger. Apply for affiliate program. You can also apply for google adsense if your is more than 1 year old. Also get a domain name for the blog in between. And then apply for adsense. You can use shareasale ad network for the ads too. That can earn you some money too in the process. has wordads. But it's not easy to be eligible for that ad program. Also the amount of ads that earn from the WordAds are low. So you may not want to try it as it in this stage.

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    I have heard from the blog-writers that is a much better choice than so far as earning for blog-writers is concerned. It is also opined that is less complicated. It is more popular. On the other hand, doesn't allow blog-writers' own advertisement.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I am using blogger from last one year and found it easy to use and easy to customize, I have also tried wordpress, but it always ask to upgrade to do simple modifications, like I am using a domain name, mapped it with blogger freely, but in case of wordpress it is asking for up gradation or to purchase some plans. My blog/website is:

    I want to know that is wordpress providing some special features than blogger, that will help me to earn more. I am using affiliate marketing and google adsense.

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    Blogger and Wordpress has different features, look and feel and plans.

    Google hates plagiarism. Snippets are fine but posting duplicate contents on your site is asking Google to terminate and take down your whole site. Blogger offers free sub-domain and they offer free templates too along with premium which can be purchased from third party sites. You also have the option to map a domain and host unlimited images, videos and content. You only have to accept and abide the TOS of blogger.

    Lokking for elegant, responsive and proffessional one? Go for wordpress. They offer free premium templates along with paid ones. Occassionally, visitors may see an ad below your post. However, you can upgrade it to basic plan at as low as $2.99 where you get a domain and ads are removed.

    Nothing is good or bad. Blogger offers everything for free but limited. While Wordpress shows some ads on your free site hosted with them on occasional basis.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    You can't utilize the partner interfaces on your blog on On the off chance that you endeavor to abuse these terms they will erase your blog. So in such case your best choice for blogging is blogger. Another reason is that moving blog to self facilitated blog is not hard either. In any case it requires a ton of investment for that technique.

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