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    Details about tooth implantation and cost in India

    Do you want to know about the details of implanting an artificial teeth and their prices in India? Know details from the expert responses provided here.

    I have lost my 3 corner teeth of my bottom jaw so I want some details about the tooth implants & their prices in India. What actually do these cost and which is the best type of tooth to get fitted?
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    Dental implants in artificial way costs 20,000 Rs onwards. If you are making use of the half transplants then the cost of the implants reduces around 8000 Rs onwards. Depending on the bone condition, the price of the implants also changes. For example, the implants on weak bone may cost around 45,000 Rs. Metal free implants usually cost from 10,000 Rs onwards. These costs are from Mumbai's dental clinics. However the price may differ to other parts of the country. And you may find that the cost may also include taxes too. The crown over the teeth may cost 6500 Rs. Some of the crown Zirconia crowns may cost higher amount around 10,000 Rs.

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    Since you have lost three corner teeth and are interested for the teeth implanting, it would be best on your part to have a check up from a reputed Dentist from your locality. Get his feed back in connection with the teeth implanting. A lot will depend upon your gum condition and the health of the remaining teeth. The Dentist would like to have the in cession of the teeth with precision surgery and this involves the case of three teeth, you have to shell out around Rs 24000/- ,each tooth costing around Rs 8000/-. Such charge is justifiable keeping in view of precision surgery followed by the expertise of the Dentist.
    There may be slight variation in the cost depending upon Dentist to Dentist.
    Normally the cost of a denture varies from Rs 10000/- to 11000/- and this is applicable when the entire set of teeth is lost and one needs a replacement.

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    Recently we did tooth implantation for my spouse for 2 teeth. Implant cost is Rs 25,000 / tooth and Crown cost is Rs 5,000 / tooth. Crown cost starts from 2.5K and we went with the one which cost us 5k / tooth. Totally we spent 60K for 2 teeth. It took nearly 3 months for this process. Above cost includes the physician charge also.

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