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    How to get selected to the Ranji cricket team?

    Are you a fast bowler who wants to make a career in cricket? Are you seeking proper guidance from the experts in cricket? Check here for the suggestions provided by experts.

    I am 16 years old. I have played inter school and club level cricket but I had to leave my club due to some health issue. I am from Bihar and as you know Bihar is not a full member of BCCI. So what should I do to make my career in cricket? I just want to play cricket, whether at Ranji level, IPL, etc but obviously not street cricket obviously! I have been to a cricket academy also plus I have good exposure to seasoned ball also. Any help and advice would be awesome.

    Note: I am a right arm fast bowler and my height is also good (174 cm something) and my speed is 135+ (when the last time I measured it - likely, it must be more than that now).
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    As your current age is 16, then based on your performance you have a chance to perform in under 19 team. In order to get selected for ranji trophy state wise selection, you have to perform on local tournament. You have to make sure you are performing in city level matches. This will make selectors to get you noticed. And this will go upto ranji trophy level. Make sure you are getting trained from the known academy. This way you can find a coach that you can get guidance from. Find the local coach who can get you trained so that you can reach city level tournament. And then you can prepare for state level. Based on performance your chances of selection into ranji will be there.

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    Thanks for your response
    Main problem is my state Bihar which is not bcci permanent member .. I want to know which state should I try

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    Mr. Rajnish Mishra: You may try your luck in neighbouring West Bengal or Jharkhand. Thanks to the influence of M.S. Dhoni, Jharkhand cricket is getting stornger. This year, Jharkhand has performed brilliantly in Ranji Trophy. Earlier cricket used to be played only at Jamshedpur (Jharkhand/Bihar). But nowadays Ranchi has also emerged as a centre for cricket in the state and various coaching camps are available in this city also.

    So far as West Bengal is concerned, you have to move to Kolkata and start playing league cricket in the state. Even now, many cricketers from outside West Bengal come and play cricket in the state with success. The latest example is Mohd. Shami, who has shifted to Kolkata from a small town of Uttar Pradesh. He has been playing international cricket from Kolkata.

    In addition to Kolkata, if you try your luck at Kharagpur, you may be able to play cricket for Railway. I know that Railway has a very good coaching camp at Kharagpur. Incidentally M.S. Dhoni also played cricket at Kharagpur for a considerable period of time during his formative years.

    You may also consider playing for Orissa at Cuttack.

    The decision is yours.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Bihar is not the full time member of BCCI before but in year 2011 supreme court approved all the recommendation after which bihar is now full member of BCCI.bihar is now eligible to play in the Ranji trophy.
    But since most of the players from bihar are already playing from jharkhand ranji team that's they have not from a team yet but they are eleiible as per the supreme court's descision.

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    So should I keep trying from bihar or move to different state as I reached good levels in different state but still without domicile certificate they rejected me ... I think I have potential moreover I was selected in MRF pace foundation...

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    You can start early and opt for smaller states too like Jharkhand,Ohisha,Chattisgarh,Himachal pradesh,Assam etc. There are some players from bihar which are plays for jharkhand in ranji trophy because bihar does not have ranji team.

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