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    Is the private sector or the public sector better for job prospects?

    Do you want to know which sector (private or public) has better prospects in terms of a long term career? Seek guidance from the experts.

    It is always to trapped in ambiguity when it comes to deciding which sector to choose for our long term career for the job, namely whether it is Public sector or Private sector.

    My question is that which sector has better prospects? If you can give comparative guidance to the question, then it will be helpful for me and others to get a clearer idea while deciding between two.
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    The Primary difference between public and private sector job is that public sector jobs are generally within a government agency whereas private sector jobs are those where employees are working for non-governmental agencies.
    The government runs public sector but private individuals or companies run private sector. the aim of public sector is to serve people, private sector enterprices are established with the profit motive.
    Private sector progressing faster because promotes quality, not quantity.In public sector, you have to pay lots of money to the government officers even for a simple work or no reason.

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    Public sector runs by government whereas private sector runs by private companies.
    Public sector is the process of buying the service and products from suppliers to government authorities through the government portal. The main focus of private sector is to emphasize the profitability.
    the other important difference is communication between both the ends.private sector process is normally user friendly and generally has some feature easily while public sector is veru rule based process to communicate each other and often it is very difficult to contact each other.

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    The question is not clear. "Which sector has more prospect?"-this question may have different meaning to different persons. So far as industry is concerned, private sector is more profit-oriented whereas public sector also takes into account the social development in the area where it operates. So a career-oriented person has more prospect in private sector. On the other hand, a person with balanced approach, who thinks about social aspect along with profit-making, may find public sector more suitable.
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    Private Sector is more profitable than Public Sector.But working in Private Sector is too tough ,It sets target to achieve.The target is achieved by people ,who are hard working and disciplined.
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    Public sector jobs are hard to achieve. But once achieved they come with many privileges.
    On contrary, Private sector jobs can be attained easily but it's very hard to retain them.
    It takes years of hard-work to get incentives or promoted in a private job.
    When it comes to long term goals too, public sector has an upper hand.
    You get health benefits, pensions, various insurances and providence fund too.
    And public jobs are proving to be brighter in future.

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    I think both sectors have the opportunity. And both sector have their set of pros and cons. And people have to consider the benefit on the context basis. Government jobs are known for less stress compared to corporate. If you consider the healthcare and the other benefits, then some of the corporate jobs are much better than the government. The progress on the government job on the other hand is relatively slow. But you can rest assure that the progress is steady and ends up with good retirement income. Both top corporate and public sector jobs are harder to acquire. A lot of competition, politics and stressful situation exists in such environment. However they earn you good. And life can be much more simple on that financial safety net. If the students have the good performance, they should definitely consider applying for both sector. This way they can land in much better salary and benefits pay. Both jobs require discipline and long term view. So there is no short term jobs in both sectors if you are only looking for money.

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    There was a time when the general feeling was that public sector was better than private sector because of job security.
    However that situation has changed and now employees look for good compensation, handsome incentives and fast career prospects. For this they even do not mind job shifting.
    Hence present day those who seek dynamic movement,progress and good compensation, it is better to join established organisations in private sector.
    However for those who cannot take risk of shifting jobs or insecurity of job , established and reputed public sector companies are good for them.
    Please bear in mind that the general mood now of the government and public is to 'privatise' good public sector organisations. It is the service oriented and not much commercial aimed organisations that may stay in public sector. The lossmaking ones may be closed.

    So the prospects as of now for the youth who seek dynamism and challenges, but also seek commensurate compensation is private sector. By private sector, I do not mean the small sized proprietary or partnership ventures or small sized family controlled limited companies.

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    Earlier our concept was that private - sectors were far more efficient than the Public - undertakings but now the whole concept has changed. Both the Private and Public sectors would stay if consistent profits are accrued so they have to manage competitive environment in order to run the business.
    In relation to the prospect of careers in the Public - undertakings such as ONGC, IOC, SAIL, BCCL etc the prospects of the meritorious aspirants are widened because of adoption of the efficient culture of the management and providing due encouragement to the right candidates.
    The owners of the private sectors managed by the noted Industrialists and they insist on achieving results at all the costs such as TISCO, HERO HONA, ASIAN PAINTS etc where they solely consider the candidates offering targeted results.
    So, you can see that our philosophy of yesteryears has changed completely and both the sectors need laborious and result - oriented youths in order to survive in the competitive environment.

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    In public sector you will gate everything if you do it honestly. You will get respect, fame, money and most important dignity. Where as in private sector there is only money.
    In public sector as you know there is reservations and much fight to get jobs whereas in private sector all jobs are on talent.
    Public sector job is permanent where in private there is no job guaranty, all depends on business.
    Public sector there is much less fun at work due to no HR or entertainment part but in private sector you will have entertainment regularly.
    Public sector you will get threats , proposing bribe , off hours duty and boss pressure on work but in private there is no chance of all this happening. In private sector you might see politics in management level for promotions and offering bonuses.
    Hope this will make your mind for decision.

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    As far as opportunities and profits are concerned private sector is more preferable and luring choices but it demands very much hard work and patience once you entered it, whereas public sectors are difficult to achieve but once you enter their it depends on you how much seriously you take and as per your interests it will provide you opportunities in public sectors it depends totally on the person employed how much seriously he/she takes the job.
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    In olden days there was a belief that private jobs will fetch more money than public sector.At that time public sector industries are paying less salaries. I know people who are very competent also getting out of Govt jobs and getting into private sector.

    But now the situation is completely changed. Public sector is also offering very good salaries and perks. Now I am seeing people shifting from private sector to public sector. Another drawback in private sector is that there is no guarantee for your job.
    One example I like to mention is difference in work pressure and salary structure between a lecturer in government college and a private college.

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    The very fact that the jobs under Public Sector are well secured and make life more comfortable makes job in public sector to have an edge over the private sector job. But Private sector jobs have their own advantages if planned properly. Due recognition top your work would be given in Private sector and elevation to the next level would be based on your performance very strictly. While the Public sector jobs are more or less would be functional as per the Government norms and the promotion avenues would be based on seniority only. People would be thinking on future after retirement but planned investments during the service in Private sector would surely help in to overcome the problems that are likely to arise after retirement. You can switch over to better position in another organization in a Private sector if you perform well with high skills. If you go through the performance index of the PDUs like HAL as compared to those counterparts in Private sector, the PSUs are more or less becoming unproductive and functional as a matter of routine. It depends on how you work and perform in a Private sector job.

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