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    My name is different in my matric and graduation

    Does your name appears different in matriculation certificate and graduation mark sheet? Are you in dilemma that your name discrepancy could be a problem while attending job interview in Government organization? The experts will help you out with perfect solution.

    Hi ,

    My name is Abhisek kumar Singh. In my matric certificate my name is Abhisek kumar singh. In my +2 it is Abhisek kumar singh,but in my graduation it is Abhisek kr singh. Is it treated as discreapancy? I am supposed appear for government job interview, so it will very helpful for me if you people guide on this and suggest me the solution for the same.
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    It might not cause problem for your job interview since you own the mark sheets. But still it might cause problems for document verification and authentication. Better to contact your graduation college and ask for college provisional passing certificate. It can be used for temporary. For long term you will have to use as many as verified documents like Ration card , driving license and apply for corrected university certificate. It is university mistake so they will correct it without hesitation. You might have to pay challan for getting new certificate.
    Keep your original name of 10th and 12th certificates when you fill jobs application form. Even if you are selected , you have right and timeline to submit proofs of actual name.
    You can also make affidavit for graduation certificate from court and use it proof that name correction is authenticated.

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    Yes, even such minor mistake may cause problem in future, particularly if you are appointed in Government. I suggest the following step:-
    You have to sign an affidavit before a first-class magistrate of the city where you stay. The affidavit should be suitably-worded. In addition, you have to give classified advertisment in one English newspaper and in one vernacular newspaper in this regard indicating both of your names. You have to permanently preserve the original affidavit and the advertsiments to avoid future complications .

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    Yes, the anamoly needs to be rectified before the first class of the Magistrate from your local court. You may engage a lawyer in order to make a suitable affidavit and at the same time, you have to circulate a massage in a local paper followed by the same massage in a leading English - paper after the affidavit has been signed before the First - class Magistrate.
    You need to preserve the affidavit and the advertisements for future - references.

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    If your going for the government job then such name changes affect the background check part. And this may even get you unqualified despite you getting appointment letter. So before joining make sure you are getting your name corrected. This may not be easy for you considering you have to go through notary. You have to write application to the concerned authorities for the approval for name change. Also you have to wait for some time for renewed documents. You may also have to resubmit the old documents in such cases. So be ready for affidavit and notary fees. And you have to also keep the notarized document just in case in future name change issue arises. This has to be done before you get your job joining date.

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    Whenever you apply for a job, the document verification is very important for the employer as any mistake at this point can create a lot of embarrassment at a later stage.
    In your case the graduation certificate needs to be immediately corrected by the college/university.
    Meanwhile you can convince the employing authorities with the marksheet and show them your request letter to university where you have asked for rectification.

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    It is a mistake done by university authorities in writing your name. What name is written on your marks list. When you are getting admitted into the university what is the name you have filled in. At the time of admission why university has not questioned this. It is a mistake done by university.

    You have to approach university authorities with your 10th and +2 certificate copies and highlight the mistake done by them and they will issue a certificate duly corrected. You may have to pay some fees for correction and new certificat

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    There are always ways and means for any anomaly that occurs while issuing the certificates. But my point is, why you have delayed it in bringing the anomaly to the College/University authorities for rectifying it? Or, have you filled the Examination application like this (i.e., Abhishek Kr Singh)? Even now it is not too late. Immediately approach the authorities for correction.

    In Government sector, the rules are common for all but the application of the rules varies from man to man. It depends on the approach of the dealing officer whether to accept the certificate or not based on the other documentary evidences placed before him. Even if he rejects your plea, you can't help and challenge it legally. In very straight terms, I am speaking. You approach the concerned authorities immediately. Meantime, get ready with legal affidavit duly signed by a Notary stating that the names reflected in your Matriculation certificate and Degree certificate are one and the same.


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