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    Verification process in banking sector

    Do you have a doubt regarding the verification process for a Banking job? Is your father's name is incorrect in matriculation certificate? Get your doubts cleared by the experts.

    I have a doubt regarding verification process in banking sector,SSC, and govt jobs. In my matriculation certificate my father name is 'Sudashan' which is incorrect but in 12th,graduation and post graduation certificate its 'Sudarshan' which is correct one. And regarding this i went to CBSE regional office for rectifying the error but they told me its already late by now so it can't be rectify. So will it be a problem? please help me regarding this what should i do?
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    This is the pertinent problem among many students who failed to see the rightness of their statement submitted to the school and college authorities before the exams are conducted and it is the duty of school and college management also to ensure that names of the candidate and their parents are written rightly. In this regard I wish to say that in my daughter and son school and college, they gave us the application form which is supposed to be the Board memo details and the same would be printed after the passing out of the candidate. Had that exercise done in your case there cannot be any wrong in the memo or mark sheet. Even now the authorities are duty bound to change and make corrections for that you have to submit a affidavit claiming and supporting the correct name.
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    But Sir i went to cbse office they told that there no any way to rectify as they have change the rules.Now we have to rectify within one year.
    So sir please help give me any other solution in verification process?

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    In the earlier days these were no serious issues at all.
    I have always felt that we have made things unnecessary complicated now a days especially after the nineties when computerisation started and our governments started implementing what the US and other nations told us to comply.
    Our authorities are still blind and deaf to our native problems for which only native solutions are to be applied. As computers use English, none of our native names can be spelt rightly the way it is pronounced. So when the native names of persons and places are written in English, the spellings change drastically according to the imagination of the person who enters it in computer.

    Filling forms by self or facility to verify the whole thing before it is finally entered are all very recent developments. Earlier things were done by someone at some place and the output came later with all its mistakes and the end user could not do anything to change it. For someone's mistake we have to suffer.
    When new things are implemented, generally those who had been using the earlier systems were given time to adapt and change and correct any mistakes and changeover to new systems. This is not done now. So everyone irrespective of whatever he was subjected to earlier is now strictly put under new system. In that poor, innocent, naïve and helpless people suffer for wrongs that were not their creation.

    If the names of places and persons are to be recorded in the mother tongue as an addition, to verify, the difficulties will be less at least in the respective states matters.

    In your case, what you have to do is to get an affidavit from Gazetted Officer, MP, MLA, Municipal councillor etc. and make at least one record like PAN, Aadhaar etc correct and use the same for all further proofs.

    Another problem we face now is that everything is outsourced and those who sit at the front desk do not have any discretionary power and simply take things in 'letter' and no 'in spirit'. If each such office have some high powered officials with some discretion power things could have been so easy.

    I have faced tremendous problem in applying for PAN for my son. At last in one of the offices there was someone with some good sense and advised us the correct and practical ways.(whereas at one or two earlier service places they gave simply negative answers)

    In the present case,(if you are urgently required to join a bank) please go ahead with the existing documents, give affidavits for stating the correct name and saying that it is just mistype only and the person is same. Have some more records which should establish the matter. I think nationalised banks with their officials with common sense may accept the same or suggest the right practical way to solve the issue.

    (I suggest to all people who face similar problems of spelling mistake, etc to write to PM for his Mann Ki bath and to take remedial measures instead of harassing genuine people)

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    Thank you sir for your valuable information.

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